Gifted Hands Memoir Project

By Anjali Mandala


There are certain characteristics to a memoir than just a nonfiction book that's why they are more interesting to read. One of the characteristics are that they focus on short period of time in the authors life.The writer uses sensory details and figurative language to bring the story to life. Throughout the book the author shares their thoughts and feelings in the end he or she always learn a valuable lesson.A memoir is more story like with character,conflict,a plot etc. In the memoir Gifted Hands these characteristics shine through

Uses Literary Devices

In gifted hands Ben Carson uses figurative language and sensory details to show how he feels throughout the book "Life was moving beautifully for me during this time "this is an example of personification because life can't move I think he used this to show how since his life was moving beautifully he probably wanted to show how his life flowed with no problems moving from one event to another at that period of time.

Follows a Story Structure

Focuses on a short period of time in a writers life

In the memoir he focuses on a 30 year period in his life where he talks about how he became a doctor by starting out as a "stupid"Detroit kid in school with no father to becoming a famous neurosurgeon that is known for separating the Siamese twins he couldn't have done without his mother mostly she was the one who pushed him saying if other kids can do it so can you. You can be anything you want it's not impossible

Reveals Writers thoughts and feelings

In the end of operation Carson reveals that he was very nervous"It's done somebody said from behind me I nodded, exhaling deeply suddenly aware that I'd been holding my breath during these last crucial moments".This reveals that he is feeling relief after the incident where they couldn't find blood that matches and is in the right amount and it reveals that there will be no more problems with finding any more

Gifted Hands Quote

"You are the captain of your ship if you don't succeed you only have yourself to blame".This means as you go through life the person who has the most to do with what happens to you is you.You make your own choices. You decide if you are going to give up or get through it. Even when it gets tough you are the captain of your ship if you aren't successful in life your the one to blame.