zach's lie

author: roland smith

zachs horrible tragedy

a young boy jack lives with his mom,sister,and his dad as a normal family. Zach's dad got arrested and these guys were looking for him.the guys broke into zachs house in the middle of the night and and tied zach and his family up and threw them on the couch. Then they leave and zach un ties his family and the police came then their lawyer.they relocated the family to a near by hotel.The guys that broke into the Osborn's house had found them once again.they stayed outside of the hotel hoping that the Osborne's could go visit their dad and lead them to him.the Osbourne's lawyer talked to some people and then they relocated them once again but this time far away.They moved to Elko Nevada and started school there.


they were relocated to Elko,Nevada

information on Roland Smith

Roland was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.He loves animals and also worked at a zoo.His wife's name is Marie and they lived on a farm in Portland.


There are a lot of characters in this story. Zach(Jack) is the protagonist.He is a teenage boy with a sister a mom and a dad.and then there is the antagonist.There are a couple of antongonists in this story and what they do is break into Zach's family's house is now following them and they want Zach's dad which is in jail.Sam is important because at the end of the story Zach is with Sam and his friend all the time.

books that roland smith recommends

he recommends books like african elephant and other animals.there is a series to this book also.

what i think of the book

i think this is a really good book and i look forward to reading the rest of them.

books i recommend

i think you should read the rest of this series because they are really interesting

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