By Richa Kafle

Science Fiction

Science fiction is when the author uses science predictions of other time periods and makes a story about someone or something that lives in that time period.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is when the author uses a historical moment and makes a story about it.


A mystery is a story where there is a problem or mystery and a climax. in most mysteries the mystery or problem always gets solved.


When the author makes a story that can not happen in real life.


A Memoir is non fictional story about an author and the moments and events that had happened in his life.


A Biography is a non fictional story about his/her individual life.


Romance is when the author shows love through text.

Realistic Fiction

It is when the author uses real life situations to make a story about a made up character.


A thriller is when the author adds suspense within the text, a thriller is another word for a horror.


Humor is when the author makes funny jokes or has funny text within the text.


An adventure is when the a character goes through a thrilling experience or something un common.


It is when the author is the character in the book. He or she writes a story about themselves.