Ms. Odom's Class McKinney High School 2016-2017

Week of October 10-14, 2016

General Information

This has been an extremely busy week. Nine week grades were completed today, Friday, 10/14. Thanks to all parents who encouraged their students to complete their summative retakes this week. Many brought their grades up and I appreciate your assistance.

One thing I believe would help struggling students is to complete their work, whether formative or summative, each day. Formative assignments may not be retaken. In many instances, students who did not pass would have passed had they turned in their assignments on time. One or two formative grades , although only 30% of the student's grade, can mean a big difference in passing and failing.

All assignments are posted in Canvas and all formative assignments have a firm due date. In addition, they remain open for several days depending on the extent of assignment. Students can access materials in my class 24/7. If a quiz is posted in Canvas, students may take twice, using their notes and/or presentation materials and I take the higher grade. For iCEV interactive assessments, students may take as many times as they want and I average the scores. Students may not turn in assignments after the close date. We all have deadlines and I hope to demonstrate that our work needs to be completed in a timely manner. This is a workskill that employers require.

Parent Conference Day

Parent Conference Day is Monday, October 24. I've attached a link to Sign Up Genius for you to sign up for a time to meet with me face-to-face so we can develop a plan to help your student be successful. Should you be unable to attend, you may also schedule a phone conference. Here's the link to the sign up: Odom Parent Conference Day

Retake Procedures

Summative assignments are clearly marked either by the word Summative or Test. After a summative grade is posted, any student who scored below an 80 has the option to retake provided they attend a tutorial and retake within 5 days. Formative grades cannot be retaken.

For my class, students wishing to retake should send me a Canvas Inbox message with the summative name, date/time of their preferred tutorial, and date/time of their preferred retake. I will create a tutorial for them and schedule a retake either in my classroom or in the new Testing Center. I can notify them of the scheduled times and students receive some experience in professional communications which they will need in college and beyond.

MISD Board Policy requires a tutorial prior to retaking a summative, The maximum score a student can earn is an 80.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

We've been continuing our study of marketing and will end the unit with a project where students will collaborate by creating a new product and a marketing plan using all the strategies we've learned.

Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance

We're nearing the end of our economics/government unit. Students are researching a country of their choice and comparing with the United States in terms of population, culture, imports/exports, trade agreements and barriers, and economic system. After we complete our role of government lesson, students will create their own country using the concepts we've covered.


Tuesday/Thursdays 2:30-3:15 Other times by appointment (no Thursday mornings-my duty time)

Students should send me a Canvas note letting me know they are coming to tutoring. My reply can serve as their pass. They may also pick up a paper pass.

Who is Ms. Odom?

I am starting my 28th year of teaching...the last 13 at McKinney High School. The only thing that has remained the same is my love of learning and my wonderful students. I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees at East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas now Texas A&M-Commerce. I have a lifetime certificate in secondary and higher education/counseling, business, and English with endorsements in marketing and business education. I have taught general business, accounting, marketing, desktop publishing, digital graphics, Microsoft Office, and travel/tourism. I love teaching business subjects and mastering new technology!

I have three grown sons, Ryan, Payton, and Parke, all McKinney High School grads, a beautiful daughter-in-law and an incredible grandaughter! We enjoy spending time together and I'm blessed to have one of my sons living here in McKinney. I also have two granddogs...Kassie, a Aussie/Catahoula mix and Scout, a full blood Yorkie! They are entertaining and aggravating! Kassie likes to dig and chew and Scout likes to chase her around the back yard and bark at her (hilarious because Scout is about 8 pounds and Kassie is 50!)

I'm an avid DIY-er and love my technology and power tools equally! When I have free time I enjoy traveling, reading, gardening and renovating my house. My favorite vacation spots are mountains and historic cities. I love visiting with my sister, who is also my best friend, and my 96 year old mom! She is an amazing cook and quite the conversationalist. I like watching HGTV, the History Channel, and The Disney Channel, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

My goal this year is to help my students become the best they can be! If college is their dream, I want to help them develop the skills needed to be successful. If college isn't part of the dream, let's work to find their passion so they never 'work' a day in their lives!

Please don't hesitate to let me know how I can help if you have problems understanding the concepts in class, or if you just want to chat! I'm here for you. Let's learn and grow together.