By Steven Hull and Sam Mussen

Beto was 16, and he lived in Medellin, Colombia.

Beto was raised in a troubled family. His brother, Fredy, was a naughty little child. He did drugs and was in gangs. German was a boy that Betos mother took in.
Beto lived in the slums of Medellin and his family was less fourtanate. Betos was getting beat up a lot from German. He was very mean to Beto.
Some events that influenced Beto were that German was really rude to Beto as he was growing, also life was really tough on the streets when he was growing up. Along with the fact that there was drug abuse on around him.
Beto was only threatened when German was beating him up violently as a child.
He choose to fight for peace because he didn't want children to grow up the way that he did in a troubled family. He wanted kids to succeed in school and not doing inappropriate things like he did just to get attention.
What impressed us the most is how he made it through the years of being bullied and having not that many people there to look after him and care for him.
If we could ask Beto one question it would be; "If you had one wish to change anything, what would it be and why?"