NISD Nature Helpers

Helping all Nature

Constructive Effects

We can help by building schools and places to live.

Destructive Effects

Destructive Effects

Push down trees. Block sources to water for animals and their habitats.

What would happen if the school board accepts the proposal?

If they accept the proposal then they will create new habitats for the animals that lost thier habitats.They will try to protect animals habitats. They will make a law to protect animals habitats.

Proposed Solutions for the School Board

To choose a good place to build to where you dont destroy animals habitats. Use old items to constructe new buildings. Tear down abanded buildings so animals have a new habitats.

What would happen if the school board does not accept the proposal?

If they do not accept the proposal the animals will not have a habitat. The food chain could be destroyed. The animals can run out of food.

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