Male VS Female Brains

By Jensen Null


A person may wonder why males are often more skilled than females in sporting activities. This is because of differences in the brain between males and females. Females have been known to have better language skills than males. One may wonder why this is. Once again, this is caused by differences in the brain. Because the male and female brains are different, they behave differently as well.

Early Differences In The Brain

The fetus is where influence from sex hormones begin in ones body. As it develops, scientists have found early differences in the male and female fetuses. The difference is first found at just 26 weeks of pregnancy. This difference is very important. In female fetuses, the corpus callosum, which connects the right and left sides of the brain, is larger in female fetus' than in male fetus' (How Male 1).

Later Differences In The Brain

One may think that the differences will become less over time. The answer would be no. Male brains will always be 10% bigger than female brains (How Male 3). Men also have 6.5 times more gray matter the women in the brain, which has many active neurons. Women, though, have nearly 10 times as much white matter, which have many connections between neurons, than males (Do Men 2). The area in males that is devoted to spatial skills is greater in males than females (How Male 4).

How these differences effect behavior

These differences in the brain can create certain behavioral differences. The differences in the type of matter quantity's give the females an advantage in language skills. Do to differences, however, have much better spatial skills than females. The brain size difference does not necessarily mean that males are smarter than females. Differences in behavior is indeed very common in males and females (How male 1)


Male and female brains are not the same. Many differences separate these two genders. The behavior differences are good for us and we most note that. Males are better in math, and females in language. We have different brains, males and females, so we will behave differently.

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