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January 2017 Edition #4

Holiday Meanings

Christmas is Alive

Everyone thinks Christmas is about presents and Santa Claus and Christmas morning is the one morning out of the whole year that you would want to wake up very early in the morning, and not to spend time with your family, to open your gift and to see if you got everything on their Christmas list, yeah kids, I’m talking to you! I think it’s time for you to know the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas isn’t about you getting Christmas gift, it’s about you spending time with your family, and if someone did give you a gift you should be grateful for that gift. Christmas is also about someone’s birthday. Can you guess who’s birthday? Jesus’s! I know some people don’t know about Jesus so I’m not go to say a lot about it. What I believe is that Christmas is about Jesus’s birthday and he was born and there’s a whole story to it but like I said, I won’t talk much about it. So, next Christmas, you need to think about, “ What is Christmas really about and why are we celebrating it?”

By: Anya McKinley

Think about it!

Think about it ,

If you could be a Superhero, which one would you choose?



(C)The Hulk

(D)The Flash

(E) Supergirl

By: Skylie Evans

Interview with Mrs. Thomas

Our principal Mrs. Thomas is retiring from Pharr Elementary School. I asked her a few questions about retiring, her favorite things, and her regular, everyday life.

Q: “ How do your kids feel about you retiring?”

A: “ They are excited because I will be home with them. “

Q: “What are you going to do after you retire?”

A: “I am going to be taking care of my parents. They are getting older and are going to need some help.”

Q: “What are you going to miss most about Pharr Elementary?”

A: “ Probably the hugs I get from all the students.”

Q: “What is your favorite color?”

A: “My favorite color is green.”

Q:” What is your favorite movie?”

A: “My favorite movie is … well…… all of them, that were made back in the day.

Even though Mrs.Thomas is gone she will always be in our hearts! Have a great time with your kids! We love you, Mrs. Thomas!

By: Logan Ingram

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Interview with Mrs. Ramirez

Mrs.Ramirez interview

I asked Mrs.Ramirez( my art teacher) a few questions a she answered with this.

Brianna- what inspired you to do art

Ramirez- i love art and it makes me happy

Brianna-when did you find love for art

Ramirez- comic books

Brianna- what is the best art project you did

Ramirez- when painting for family

Brianna- when did you start teaching art

Ramirez- 8 years ago

Than we talked some more ...I hope you enjoyed my interview with my art teacher. She is the best art teacher ever!!!!! Now you know a little about her.

By: Brianna Weisenborn

The Art Show and Jingle Jam

The art show was a complete success! We had everybody’s art hanging in the Gym. Thanks to Mrs. Ramirez, everybody had an art piece. We also had our Jingle Jam with the 5th graders. They sang lots of great songs at the Jingle Jam.

by: Matthew Lotz

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The Art Show

On December 8, 2016, Pharr’s art show was held. The theme was “Animals”. K-5 students at Pharr did a great job doing their art for the Art Show! Second Pharr’s 5th graders sang christmas songs, so did 5th grade chorus. Third, kids who did reflections got an honorable mention the same night! Great job K-5 students, 5th grade chorus, kids who did reflections, and Mrs. Ramirez and Pharr’s PTA for setting up this fun event!

by: Olivia Hinshaw

5th Grade Chorus Concert

On December 9, 5th grade chorus students performed at the Gladiators game at the Infinite Energy Arena. They sang “Up On The Housetop,” “We Wish You A Merry Christmas,” “December Nights,” “Blitzen’s Boogie,” and “Deck the Halls.” The 5th grade chorus performers had been practicing these songs since August! Not only did the 5th grade chorus perform at the Gladiators Game, but also at the Jingle Jam on December 8 (the night before the Gladiators Game)! Let’s give a shout out to Mrs.Smith and the 5th grade chorus performers for working and practicing so hard!

by: Olivia Hinshaw

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Christmas in Grayson

Do you know about Christmas in Grayson? It is when all the third grade goes to Grayson park at 2:45 because there are games to play with you and your family, but soon it’s time to start singing!

Mrs.Smith, our awesome music teacher, hosted it!

Here are some of the songs we sang: “Jingle Bell Rock”, “Up on the Housetop,”and “Groovin’ Elf!”

Did you know that Santa came, that many people had their pictures taken and on the way out you can get reindeer food!

By:Taylor Harrison

A “Perfect” Snow Day!

A “Perfect” Snow Day!

On a snow day you would think that you would go sledding or have a snowball fight, but this story is different. Along time ago, back in 2015, Olivia Hinshaw and I went to El Paso to visit our cousins and our family and friends. The night that we arrived it was cold, dark, and damp. We went to bed as snow started to fall! We did not know that the snow was forming a white blanket that could cover a whole entire rooftop, while we were peacefully sleeping in our cozy, warm sleeping bags. When we woke up the only thing we heard was the snoring of all of our parents, until we interrupted there peacefully nap. We woke up to a glory full of white fluffy snow that we played in all day!

By:Vivian Hinshaw

Meadowcreek Cluster Visits Pharr

Did you see all the extra teachers at Pharr on Wednesday, November 2nd? They were here to look at our garden and Ponics lab. They were from the Meadowcreek cluster. They had teachers from K to 12th grade. Mrs. Jones and Mr. Jurick told them all about the garden and gave them a tour. They watched Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Hood’s class do a math lesson on measuring in the garden. They said it was AWESOME! Then, they had Egyptian Spinach smoothies. The Egyptian Spinach came from our garden. Here is what was in the smoothies.

1 cup Egyptian Spinach, 1 pineapple,2 mangos,

4 bananas, and 1 cup of ice

The Meadowcreek Cluster teachers said everyone liked it or loved it.

by: Jake Karambelas