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April 2022

Spring time!


As we look towards the end of the school year, we are reminded of all of the changes that students and families have been through this year. At the HELP Center, our hope is that now and in the future, you know that we are here for you through those changes. We want to help provide support and guidance for you and your family. We are apart of a community that cares and want the best outcomes for you and your family.

With Appreciation,

Your HELP Center Team

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Beaverton School District Information

Do you have questions about where to find information about technology or other school related resources? BSD has a website with links for parents/guardians. Click here for more information.

McKinney-Vento Q&A

I have been assisting a student with financial aid to start college. At the end of July, we received notice from the college that the student would not be able to start school for the fall semester because she needed a “verification of non-filing” from the IRS. We didn’t know this was required. We have requested the form, but how can I ensure the student can start classes in the fall?

Answer: There is no federally-imposed deadline for this IRS form. It seems to be a school-imposed deadline, meaning the school could waive it. It’s unclear why the school didn’t ask for this documentation sooner, knowing the student’s circumstances. The best approach is to advocate with the financial aid office, reminding them that the student is homeless, that they only just learned about the need for the non-filing verification a few days ago, and that the student cannot attend without financial aid. [NOTE: With some help from SHC and the homeless liaison at an area college, this problem was fixed and the student started classes on time!] The parent also can choose the school near the shelter, if that is what she prefers.

This information is from the SchoolHouse Connection website, Q& A sections. Form more information please click on the link

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