Growth Mindsets and Math

Are you a Math Person?

There is no such thing as as 'Math Person'.

A person's true potential is always unknown (and unknowable!)

Don't hide, or feel shameful about deficiencies. We all have the capacity to learn through our own efforts and deliberate practice.

Always Challenge Yourself!

No matter where you are at, you can always develop yourself further!

Always stretch yourself to learn something new!

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Do you work hard to achieve a 'grade'? Or do you work hard because of your passion for learning?

Always reach for the things you value!

Math Class should be linked to the things that our students value:)

Carol Dweck, "Developing a Growth Mindset"

Learning is difficult. No matter where our learners are 'at', they always need to be properly challenged, praised for efforts, and given opportunities for learning through deliberate practice.