A Starlight Nativity Play

By Sarah Morisaki

The Night Sky is Awaiting

Come see a Nativity play under the night sky with all your friends. The Nativity play would be according to Matthew and tells us a version of the birth of Jesus. There would be a barbeque and you would be able to get a battery operated torch to light up the night sky.

Starlight Nativity

Thursday, Dec. 19th, 8:15pm

33 Alexandra St

Balmoral, QLD

Stars of the play: Mary-Charlotte Joseph- Rory Angel of the Lord- Katie David- Stephen King of Jews- Cole Chief Priest- Grace Naka Teacher of the Law- Sophie AImmanual- Patrick Men who studied the stars- Finn, Thomas, Cole


8:15-8:20pm Start to assemble in park

8:20-8:25pm Barbeque and stores start to open

8:25-8:50pm Nativity Play

8:50-9:00pm Pack up

All times are approximate so they may vary in times.

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