Newsletter Week 9 Term 3 2022

St Joseph's Catholic School Morrinsville - September 20th

Principal's Message

Nau mai, haere mai St Joseph’s Whanau

A week of remembrance: This last week has been one of remembering an absolutely amazing monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. As we have looked back on her reign of more than 70 years, her example of integrity, dedication and service is inspiring. I pray our young people might lead such lives of dedication and service to God and their community.

Newly Upgraded Emergency Drills: PLEASE SEE BELOW

This week our school will be carrying out newly upgraded practice emergency drills for lockdown and evacuation. The school Board has been supported by the professional group Harrison Tew in the updating of the emergency drills.


School Excellence and Honors Awards: At our Gospel Hui on Monday outstanding students received presentations of Excellence and Honours Award Badges for exemplary endeavour in Academic, Sports, Service, and Cultural facets of school life . Congratulations to all recipients!

Kaimai School Speech Festival: the top speakers in Kaimai, Te Aroha, Paeroa, Matamata, Waihi, and St Joseph’s Morrinsville met this morning in our school for the annual Speech Festival. A special thank you to the judges who carried out the difficult task of adjudication. Congratulations to all students and their schools, the standard was very high indeed and all students performed admirably.

Coming Up This Week

… Wed 21st Sep - Poetry Recital Years - 1 and 2

Next Week: Week 10

... Tues, 27th Sept - teams attending Soccer/Hockey Fun Day

... Thur 29th Sep - Wearable Arts Festival - all students. Shows will be at 1pm and 6pm. Please RSVP via the link so we can have seats for you all.

A prayer for the coming week:

Dear Lord

Help us to be good witnesses for you in all we do

May we rely on you daily for strength

to speak the truth

to act with honesty

to serve others with integrity


Every blessing and have a great week.

Paul Cooper

Relieving Principal

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Newly Upgraded Emergency Drills: This week our school will be carrying out newly upgraded practice emergency drills for lockdown and evacuation. The school Board has been supported by the professional group Harrison Tew in the updating of the emergency drills.

  • Trial Communication: As part of this emergency practice exercise we will also be testing our lines of communication. This will mean you will receive a message via text, SeeSaw or email communication.

  • To show you they are a drill and not the real thing the practice communications will start with the words “PRACTICE PRACTICE”. No action will be required of you. However, if you have missed out on receiving any of the three lines of communication please let us know your current contact details so we can update our records.

  • IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY - The main messages in an emergency will be:
  1. The school has gone into emergency lockdown because of [incident]

  2. We will continue to provide updates on our website as often as possible

  3. Please do not come into the school or phone or attempt to contact the school as you will not be attended to. The school’s priority is the safety and welfare of your children and your contact may cause disruption to the management of this incident and potentially place yourselves and/or staff and student’s safety at risk. This includes contacting via email, text or phone your son and/or daughter, or their teacher.

  4. You will be informed when the emergency is over and any further action required of you. Please monitor the school website and school seesaw for further communications and updates.

Well Done on Your High Achievement

We are proud to once again recognise the achievements of students from Year 7 and 8. The receiving of Honours and Excellence awards reflects the hard work and effort students display with their academic studies, sporting prowess, school culture and service to our school. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

Honour Awards...

Alex Madder : Sport

Carla Roskam : Sport

Kate Mourits : Sport

Bailee Horan : Academic : Sport : Cultural

Mia Hyde : Cultural

Excellence Awards...

Ezra Arnephy : Academic

Chloe Old : Cultural

Phoenix Osmond : Cultural

Zion Faaiuaso : Cultural

Charlie Vowles : Cultural

Jeremy Saldo : Cultural

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Recognising Students Classroom Achievement from Week 8. Well Done Everyone

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Congratulations to our CORE value certificate recipients. You are Shining!

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Morrinsville Rotary representative Trevor Cooper and Paper Plus sponsor Tracey Waite visited our school last week to present Term 3's awards for significant progress in reading.

Congratulations to Lucy Lopes, Dominika Ward and Nicolas Honatana-Tyssen for their outstanding efforts.

Thank you Rotary and Paper plus for initiative which is gratefully received.

Are You Joining Us? Countdown is on until our Wearable Arts Showcase

This special event is fast approaching. The students have had their creative minds in overdrive and we can't wait to see the finished creations on Thursday, September 29th.

In order to assist us with organisng seating for the two sessions, could you please indicate by following the link if you will be joining us.

All Welcome.

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Reflection shared from Jemma Van Eijk, DRS

This week we focus on the Gospel of Luke 16: 10-13. Trust and honesty are the keywords that we can draw on to reflect. As we navigate the busy last 2 weeks of Term 3 we refresh our focus on our Core value of Ngākaupono - Integrity which connects perfectly with this week's Gospel focus.

Honesty and trust are two important values that we encourage all of our children to grow up with and practise everyday in all they think, do and say. It is even harder in the 21st century for children as they are influenced by so many other factors in their lives. As parents and guardians and teachers it is our role to teach and role model what true honesty and trust is in all aspects of our lives especially when it comes to having trust in God’s plan for us.

If you asked any student at St Joseph’s what integrity is I am sure they will tell you “it is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”. Without integrity our focus on honesty and trust has no foundation and without honesty and trust we would find it extremely hard to show integrity. Jesus asks us to trust in his plan and to be honest with ourselves and our relationship with God. Through prayer, reflection and going to church we can create a life that is focused on God instead of worldly desires.

So what does this mean for us each day?

●We must choose what earns us rewards in Heaven, not just what’s easiest for us now.

●We must be honest in our words and actions so that we can be trusted.

●We should remember that our greatest love must be God, not money or things.

Have a blessed and safe week

Have a blessed week

Aroha Mai

Mrs V

Unclaimed Lost Property…Please Note

We have an abundance of lost property and please ask that you take the time to come and check if items belongs to your family by the end of the term. Students are just not taking the time to check.

Please Note: Any unclaimed uniform items will be placed in the school second hand section. Unclaimed mufti clothes in good condition will be taken to the Op Shop.

Thank You.


The PFC are once again holding the Annual Scrap Metal Drive on Saturday, October 15th from 8.00am to aid our school.

We can't do it without your help please....

If you are able to help, no matter how small or how large, with any of the following for our Scrap Metal Drive please fill out the form via the link :

  • We need people to help deliver flyers around town (from 19th Sept)
  • We need donations of food / drink so we can feed all of our wonderful helpers
  • We need people to help with collection
  • We need people to help in the yard with offloading and sorting
  • We need support with serving food
  • We need help the week after with clean up

Look forward to hearing from you

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Upcoming Events

  • Milo & Mellowpuff Day -Next Tuesday
  • PFC Monthly Meeting - Monday, September 26th
  • Hockey/Soccer Fun Day - Tuesday, September 27th
  • BOT Meeting - Wednesday, September 28th
  • Wearables Arts Showcase : Whole School - Thursday, September 29th
  • Hotdog Day - Friday, September 30th
  • End of Term 3 - Friday, September 30th
  • Scrap Metal Collection -Saturday, October 15th
  • Term 4 Commences - Monday, October 17th
  • Livestock Day - Wednesday, October 19th
  • Labour Day - Monday, October 24th
  • Livestock Group Day - Thursday, October 27th

Proudly Sponsored by

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