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March/April 2016

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The county will provide free breakfast to all students from February 29th - April 29th, 2016.

Happy March!

The Mission of the Forest Lake Elementary Community is to provide a learning environment where all students can achieve academic success.

  • Ramonita Pagan - Principal
  • Jamie Robinson - Assistant Principal


We want to wish everybody a fun, relaxing, and safe spring break! School resumes on Monday, March 28th, and FSA testing begins on Tuesday, March 29th. Please view our testing schedule here. Parents of third, fourth, and fifth grade students are invited to visit Forest Lake's FSA website to access resources and testing tips.

If you need to renew your volunteer form or you need to fill one out for the first time, please click here for the new online application in English or here for Spanish. Schools will no longer have paper applications on site. If you or somebody you know needs to fill out a new online application but do not have access to a computer, there will be a computer available in our Parent Resource room.

Once applicants have been approved or denied, they will receive an email. Applicants may also check in with our front office to check on their status.

Also, please take a moment to complete the SAC Climate Survey. The data gathered from these surveys helps the us develop our next year's School Improvement Plan.

Parent Resource Center

Parents be sure to visit our Title I Parent Resource Room Located in Building 7 - Room 7.

The Resource Center is open on Monday mornings from 7:00 am - 8:00 am and Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

Grade Level News


Where has the time flown to!? It's March and our babies are all grown up. Enjoy your upcoming spring break with your child. Remember to read daily and check out the RAZ kids website for books on your child's reading level. It's a valuable free resource at your disposal! There are 81 sight words your child must know before first grade. Ask your child's teacher if you do not know what words to work on.

Even though the time has changed, continue early bedtimes. A kindergartner should be in bed by 7:30. Try it! You will love the results!

Our last field trip will be May 4th. Please make plans to attend with us to see the Sanford Zoo! Permission slips will go home after the break. If you'd like to attend, go online now to fill out a volunteer application form.


First grade had a wonderful time attending the production of Beauty and the Beast Jr. at the Athen’s Theatre. We also enjoyed a perfect picnic lunch at Freedom Playground. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this an amazing and safe field trip. Spring Break is upon us. Please make reading part of your daily routine over the break. A little practice goes a LONG way! As always, please remember to sign your child’s folder daily and review all incorrect sent home. A quick review is sometimes all that’s needed to make something click. We hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, and safe Spring Break!

First Grade Teacher's Web Pages

Ms. Goodin


“Super science” students are in second grade. Our students spent several days researching, designing, and testing catapults. It was a very exciting learning experience for all. We have some excellent engineers in our midst. In math, we just finished a unit on money. We are currently working on time. Your child should be able to tell time on an analog clock to 5 minutes. In reading and social studies our students have been learning about early America, pilgrims, pioneers, and immigrants. Ask them about Ellis Island. We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing spring break!


The third graders would like to thank the volunteers who were able to join us for the field trip to the Athens Theatre for Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr. It was a great show and the students were able to make connections to our units on drama, fiction, and literal vs. non-literal language! Please remember that we are taking the FSA exams as soon as we return from Spring Break. Students must be in class before the tardy bell and free breakfast is offered to all students at 7:20am. They must be finished eating before the bell, so we can get started on time. The teachers would like to send positive thoughts to all test takers!


If you thought the beginning of the year flew by, just wait to see how fast the end of the year goes! Spring Break is next week which means FSA testing is approaching fast. We had our FSA parent night on March 8! It was a huge success! Thank you parents for coming! STEM night will be on Tuesday March 15th.

Students have been busy researching plant life cycles and hurricanes related to Florida. It is great to see the students’ creativity put into action as they learn. We are just wrapping up our geometry unit in math. Math FSA testing begins the week we return from Spring Break. Be on the lookout for a math and reading review packet coming home soon. Your child can use this packet, along with the resources on the website as a review over Spring Break!


There has been some exciting additions in fifth grade! Four baby chickens!!! We have been incubating eggs and have learned a great deal about this amazing process! It has been a memorable experience for our students! Don't forget our Animal Kingdom field trip is coming up on Thursday, May 5, 2016!! We are looking forward to an amazing field trip and great times with our friends! Send the permission slip and payment in with your Panther. It's hard to believe the Fifth Grade Ceremony is quickly approaching! This year's date in Friday, June 3rd. Look for information to come home soon!


We are very proud of our fourth and fifth grade students who recently took the FSA Writing test. Students used all of the strategies we taught them and we are excited to find out the results!

Ms. Strunks’ 4th grade class is currently finishing a geometry and measurement unit that will have them apply what they have learned to create art.

Mrs. Matthews’ 3rd grade class participated in an Exquisite Corpse writing project. This was a collaborative project with other area 3rd grade gifted classes. The classes are working together to create a narrative adventure story. Each class writes a chapter and then passes it on to the next class. Our class was responsible for the 3rd chapter. Students worked in small groups of three to develop the story by passing from one group to the next. The chapter was revised and edited together as a class. We then illustrated and the class chose the top 4 illustrations. This rich and engaging project gave real-world experience as authentic readers and writers. We can’t wait to see the final book once all classes have completed their chapter!

During their unit of study on force and motion, the students in Ms. Keller’s K-2 class were challenged to design and build a catapult that would launch their chosen projectile the furthest. The students had a blast working together researching, modifying, and testing their creations.

Gifted Teachers Websites:

Matthews -



Forest Lake families can also find music information on the FLE music page:


Coach Boyle will be doing soccer for the next 4 weeks and starting bicycle safety after soccer is finished. Coach Bryant will be starting basketball after spring break. Coach Pagan will be starting a unit on bowling after spring break.

We would like to recognize the Forest Lake students and faculty that participated in the Swamp House 5k on March 6th. We had some fantastic finishes and a great time!

Avery Jones- 1st place girls 9 and under

Luke Wilder- 1st place boys 9 and under

Rylan Martin- 2nd place boys 9 and under

Brian Boyle- 3rd place boys 9 and under

Garrick Spencer- 4th place boys 9 and under

Alicia Miller

Omaria Santos

Zoie Martin

Elizabeth Cartin

Kate Gomes

Bryce Artrip- 2nd place boys 10-14

Corey Johnson- 3rd place boys 10-14

Jeremiah Dickson

Evan Boyle

Jorge Garcia

Mr. Calvano

Mr. Robinson

Mrs. Pagan

Coach Boyle

Please visit the PE department's new website at:


All the grade levels are working on different amazing projects right now. We need your help gathering some needed supplies to continue, if possible. 5th graders are working on weaving yarn onto a CD. So old even scratched CD’s are needed. Any yarn you would like to donate would be so appreciated too. 4th grade is working on crushed soda can art. We need large cereal boxes to make a stable background to glue the cans to. Thank you for gathering these needed materials to help the kids succeed. Even if your child isn’t in the grade level that needs the materials, you could definitely send in the items. Teamwork!

Thank you for supporting ART!


Our 3rd - 5th grade readers are getting excited about the upcoming SSYRA voting party. If your child has not read the minimum 3 out of the 15 SSYRA books on the 2015-2016 list, it's not too late. The SSYRA voting party is scheduled for April 8th. If you have a third, fourth, or fifth grader, encourage them to stop by the media center before spring break and pick up a book off the SSYRA shelf.

Our next Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for May 6th - 13th. If you would like to volunteer at the book fair, please contact Mrs. Wagenhauser.



Volusia County Schools and Florida KidCare have a partnership with a common goal to help families insure children. If you are interested in finding out more about the KidCare Progam, please click the KidCare button.


Thank you to everybody that participated in our Yankee Candle fundraiser!

PTO will be hosting a Dancing through the Decades Dance at the end of April. More information will be coming home soon with the date and times. Please be on the lookout for it!

If you are interested in purchasing a Forest Lake Year book, money is due by March 28th.

PTO contact is Jennifer Grill at

Volunteers and Business Partners

Forest Lake would like to thank our business partners for supporting our school:

Tijuana Flats, Chick Fil A, Smiths Landing Daycare, Subway, The Rink , TD Bank, Kona Ice South Volusia, and Happy Tune’Z.

We would also like to congratulate our Volunteer of the Year, Loris Schuring, and our Senior Volunteer of the Year, Susan Sayer. Thank you both for your time and dedication to our teachers, students, and school community.

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Please look for our monthly school newsletter on the first Monday of every month. If you know of a parent that did not receive an email for this newsletter and they would like to receive one, please have them send their email address to Mrs. Wagenhauser at or to Loris Schuring at You may also access the newsletter on our school website at .