Behavior Adaptations

Suckling When Animals Born

When animals are born they have natural instincts that was basically in their genes. A natural instinct or Behavioral Adaptation for a mammal is the will to survive. When a mammal is born it is born alive and has to have nutrients right away. One way for these animals to get nutrients is to get milk from its mom. This is called suckling. Animals do this on their own because their mom can't tell them to do it. Animals do this until they are big and strong enough to survive off of just natural resources.

Animals Defending Territories

Animals do this because there can only be a certain amount of animals in a space at one time. Males will mark their territory and will only let a select few in. If san animal that is not aloud comes in their will be a fight. Whoever comes out on top will get the territory. Most animals will not fight to the death.