The Candle Cult Playlist

the story made by a Collaborative Community Forum

Overview of the Playlist

As dark and gloomy as the term 'cult' is affiliated with, the Candle Cult turns out to be a collection of uncanny creatures seeking refuge.

That is why a playlist just as diverse as the members who take up residents within the ancient halls of the manor is needed to illuminate their story.

Meet the Kynttilä Kartano

Opening song: "Yellow Light"

by Of Monsters and men

Lyrics: Of monsters and men "Yellow Light"

The mansion known as Kynttilä Kartano is the main building almost all of the creatures reside within, and can be found on the outskirts of the city of Eventide, thought to be a candle shop by the human residents of the town. Shrouded within the grove of trees that seem never-ending the manor is both above and below ground, the heart of the building holds the Grand Stairwell surrounded by the ever-growing levels and rooms for housing its residents. The mansion itself is tranquil and without the loud clamor during the day, almost taking on an eerie ambience while still being charming and warm in its own bizarre way. This is the start of stories for most of the members of this obscure gathering, but looks can be deceiving, be it day or night.

The Inextinguishable

"I am the Fire"

by Halestrom

Lyrics: Halestrom "I am the Fire"

The infamous cult leader,

forged from fire and smoke Tapi takes on the resemblance of a candle with the vivid flame hovering just above her ebony hair and dark blue cloak trailing down to the floor. Titled "Keeper of Souls" and the "Inextinguishable" she oversees all activity within the group. Her personality being just as fiery as her abilities to control and manipulate smoke and fire. Not letting her past define her she is rarely known for being forgiving to those who trespass. Those allowed to know of the secrets within the manor keep to themselves, not wishing for the same fate as the lost soul.

Don't tread too close or you might get burned.

The Puppeteers and The Traitor

"The Set Up"

by Favored Nations

Lyrics: Favored Nations "The Set Up"

Sending in a tea loving giant ironically, named Tea and gaining favor among the members of the hidden society. The half skin walker took notes on the many creatures of the unsuspecting group, watching in secret, and hiding his true ambitions from the others. Never thought to be a part of the rival group. The Puppeteers planned an attack, using Tea's information to quickly take over, triggering the alarm and leaving pieces falling into place.

Given the title or "Traitor" Tea had found he had grown attached to the group, but with the damage already done the members weren't going to go down without a fight.

The King and His Squire

"The Bitter Suite IV and V: The Congregation and The Sermon in the Silt"

by The Dear Hunter

Lyrics: The Dear Hunter "The Bitter Suite IV and V"

A dying child saved, but at what cost? Who was once afraid of what lurks in the dark, he now lives among the things he fears.

Aiden was a member of the organization known as The Puppeteers, once keeping order between both humans and creatures, the group has fallen far from grace. Aiden's 'beast" is a raven named King, and the song itself greatly focuses on the dynamic between King and Aiden, reflecting on the personality of the raven and his power over others, all the while keeping Aiden in the dark.

Which is the King and which is the squire, and whose really pulling the strings?

Back to the Beginning

"Mountain Sound"

by Of Monsters and Men

Lyrics: Of Monsters and Men "Mountain Sound"

The two seekers set out on a venture, in search of knowledge and redemption. Accompanied by an old friend, clouded in dusk. Not knowing it would last for thousands of years and the following they would accrue , as they chased the dawn.