Shenika Burns


My character travels around the country side and sells church pardons. Religion played a huge part during that time period, people wanted their sins pardoned. During that time period his social standing that church was mainly important, it was very influential on man kind, working for their churches was a very respectful position. His day to day life was that he may attend church ceremony alot, sing, and collect offering. He sell his pardons to people to get money. Chaucer doesn't include the Pardoner body type, and dont describe what he's wearing. A Pardoner is something like a priest in modern day, because he talks to people that sins, and ask what they did wrong and pray with them to ask God for forgiveness.

part 3

Chaucer opinion towards him was that he was very interested in the Pardoner because it was the longest prologue. Chaucer was trying to reveal that alot was going on in the church, that the pardoner is selling church for sins and is getting payed..he Chaucer probably added this character to show that no everybody that goes to church is really holy.