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Daily Deets

I woke up this morning and did nothing special. My puppy Marley, she ate our cat's food! She got popped on the butt for it... And our cat clawed her for no reason before that happend, so my dog barked and growled and gave me a headach! It was funny seing them fuss at eachother though, they never pay eachother the time of day so, they are starting to notice eachother as family, or food....

Daily Saying

You best friend could also be your mom or dad, even if you are related and 2 different ages, you can have more in common then you know of.

Daily Motto

It is what it is.

Daily Questions Answered

Question: Dear chief director of The Beat,have you ever done somthing weird out of bordom?

Answer: Yes i have, i have made up a fake imaginary friend just because i thought it would be funny, his name was Joe Bob!

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