forged by fire

writen by sharen drapper.

by nick brown

gerald has a bad mother. his aunt queen takes him away from her. his mother goes to jail for multiple charges. his aunt queen died from a heart attack. he has to go live with his mother/jordan/ and angel.

jordan is his step father. angel is his new sister. jordan hits gerald. he also hits geralds mother. and he molests angel. so point is jordan is not a good person. when gerald was about 12 years old him and angel called the cops on jordan.

jordan was sentence'd to 5-6 years in maximum security prison.


gerald is an out going boy, and is angels brother. angel is a sweet little girl, and is geralds sister. moniuqe. jordan is an abusive stepfather. aunt queen is geralds aunt. tiger is angels cat. mr.washington is the basketball coach. robbie is the coach's son. andy is a player on the team. bj is also a player on the team. kiara is robbie's sister. mrs.washington is the coach's wife.