Mentor Manor!

The End of the Year is Quickly Approaching.....

Make Your Final Visits this Year Positive and Impactful!

We are quickly approaching the month of May! Since our students are out of school during the summer break, mentors will want to close out the year in a positive fashion. Closure is a natural phase in life and it is important for our students to experience this in a positive fashion.

The closure phase of the mentoring relationship presents the greatest challenge to individuals involved in partnerships. Students that have previously felt abandonment or had negative experiences in their life with this, such as through divorce or death, may have difficulty with this phase. It is a necessary step for a healthy relationship and mentors can begin this conversation by discussing 'next steps' at the next couple of mentoring sessions.

1. Your Mentee's Feelings

Explain to your mentee that you have a couple of visits left in the school year. Ask him/her about their feelings and plans for summer break. Some of your mentee's feelings may include: fear, anxiety, excitement, joy, sadness. It is very important to explain to your mentee your that it is normal to experience a variety of emotions at the same time.

2. Gentle honesty, it is the best policy!

If you can return.....

Great! Please tell your mentee you will return a week or two after labor day in September.

If you are unable to return to the mentoring relationship.....

Tell your mentee honestly and explain that it has nothing to do with him/her. It is important to be honest and keep it simple. If you know you can't travel to their (next) school (because it is across town) or you are moving, just let your mentee know your plan. Explain to your mentee that we all have life changes (or seasons in our lives) and with this, life happens. Please explain that your inability to return is not because of him/her. Many students take things personally because of the stage of growth and development they are in currently.

3. Talk about the school year that you have spent together....

This is a great time to discuss the growth (physically and emotionally) that has occurred during the year together. Other topics that may be helpful: challenges he/she has overcome (such as the homework they used to not do) or the basketball game they have perfected with you at their side on the playground.

4. Remind your mentee to continue to set personal goals....

Summer is an excellent time for students to read daily, or practice high quality math apps such as First In Math. Talk to them about your goals for summer such as exercising more or enjoying the outdoors more.

Mentoring is truly a gift that you have shared with your mentee! Remember, you are the gift....and do not feel that you need to purchase an item for your mentee. Your time and presence are priceless!

The MISD Mentoring Department wishes you a safe and relaxing summer!

The Mentoring Department sincerely appreciates your commitment to our students and the Manor School District. Please feel free to contact us for any needs that you may have in winding down the school year. We hope to work with you again whether you wish to mentor your current student, at a different school, or stay with the same grade level. Have a wonderful June, July and August! We will be in touch for next year.....


Please call your student's campus so as to ensure that students are not already on field trips or absent. We want all your visits to count!

You can always check in with Becky Resendes at 512.278.4257 re: attendance or schedules.

Last day of class: Friday, June 5th

Thank you for all you do! Truly, your work with our students is priceless!

You are changing a life one mentor visit at a time. We cannot do our work without you!

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