Learning Style Project

By: Gray Hedrick

I am a Visual, Tactical, and Auditory Learner

I learn in many ways, such as, reading, seeing pictures, and touching and doing. Personally I believe that I can learn in almost any way. I enjoy learning which means that I ask a lot of questions, however sometimes teachers get upset when I do. I believe the combination of Visual and Auditory is very helpful because that means that if I just simply pay attention in class I will pick up on most things.

How I Learn

I am a 40% visual learner, which means I learn and understand things by looking at them. Things that will help me learn easier are writing things down, using flash cards, and sitting in the front of the class. I am also 40% Tactical learner this means I learn from hands on activities. Things that will help me learn better are using computers. taking frequent breaks, and fidgeting while learning. The learning preferences that I scored 50% or above in were logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, interpersonal, interpersonal, and naturalistic.

How will this affect my career?

I believe being a visual and tactical learner will be extremely beneficiary to being a dentist. First of all I will have to look at the teeth and decide what is the best thing to do. It is necessary that I am able to analyze things visually. Dentistry is also a hands on job where I will have to learn and and make decisions during procedures. Being a partial auditory learner will be helpful because I will have to listen to what people say to help find out the cause of their predicament.