welcome to neptune paradise

by iyana jean

Neptune paradise

Fun facts:

Mass: 102,410,000,000,000,000 billion kg (17.15x Earth)
Equatorial Diameter: 49,528 km
Polar Diameter: 48,682 km
Equatorial Circumference: 155,600 km
Known Moons: 14
Notable Moons: Triton
Known Rings: 5
Orbit Distance: 4,498,396,441 km (30.10 AU)
Orbit Period: 60,190.03 Earth days (164.79 Earth years)
Surface Temperature: -201 °C
Discover Date: September 23rd 1846
Discovered By: Urbain Le Verrier & Johann Galle

Size Of Neptune Compared To The Earth


you want to visit my Neptune paradise because i have a lot of great resources you can use their oxygen,water and food to eat their is a park sometimes it could be warm and cold so for u and your family to enjoy you will have lots of fun if u would come out and support.

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 5:45pm

Conroy Road

Orlando, FL

by a nearby green and brown park that has a big sign that says welcome to Holden park

What does the surface of the planet look like?

The surface is flat and you can walk on

How many moons does the planet have?

2 moons

How would humans protect themselves on the planet?

they would have resources that they could use to protect themselfs

How would humans navigate to get around the planet?

they would get around the planet by using cars of their own