ConVal School Nurse Newsletter

January 2023

Frostbite and Hypothermia

Recommendations for cold weather safety for children. Please see the American Academy of Pediatrics website below.
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Reading Food labels and Nutrition information

Here is information on reading a food label, what is a % of daily vitamins and eating a variety of foods.

Please see the link below from the FDA (Federal Department of Agriculture).
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The 2023 Monadnock Region Family Resource Guide by the Rotary Clubs of Keene

Please click on the link below for community Resources.

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Gretchen Shippee, RN ConVal High School (603)924-3869

Judi Bernardi, RN ConVal High School (603)924-3869

Linda Compton, RN Great Brook School (603)588-6630

Tricia Harris, RN South Meadow School (603)924-7105

Vicki Mellon, RN Antrim Elementary (603)588-6371

Jill Gourley, RN Peterborough Elementary (603)924-3828

Amy Healey, RN Pierce Elementary (603)588-2131

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Francestown Elementary (603)547-2976

Alaina Slocomb, RN Greenfield Elementary (603)547-3334

Mitzi Turgeon, RN Hancock Elementary (603)525-3303

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Temple Elementary (603)878-1955

Rebecca Philbrick, RN Dublin Consolidated (603)563-8332