What Is UI UX Design

Why It’s necessary for the creation of a top quality website

UI UX design and development


User Interface Design (UI) is nothing so complicated as such .It is just the UI/UX design and arrangement or the layout of the software or a machine.


The main objective of User Interface is to make program, software or machine user friendly. The User Interface or UI of a device is the look and feel of the on-screen menu system. How device works, its color scheme, how it responds to button presses, all of these things is the part of the user interface.

The user interface of the software deals with the user interface framework. It is generally the graphics and layouts seen on the screen. Every software has its own User Interface whether it is a system software or application software, System software or simply Operating System is the best example to study User Interface.



Earlier version of operating systems like DOS, MS-DOS, UNIX, etc. uses Command Line Interface (CLI). CLI was the first ever user interface used. CLI uses command line input and output which has simple textual look which makes working on CLI difficult. The user experience on CLI was not so good.

Then comes our newer version of operating systems like Windows and Linux which introduced Graphical User Interface (GUI). Everything like color scheme, layout, mouse button presses are the part of GUI. Operating System keeps on modifying and improving user experience and interface. Then operating system for mobile phones launched and use of hardware UI introduced. It covers touch screen, accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity etc.

How device works on screen touch, key button press, on changing the altitude of the device, on moving the device all comes in user interface. Mobile OS are such as Android, OSX, etc.

The user wants a good, faster and more efficient user interface.

Now the question that pops up in one’s mind is How to make a good user interface?

First of all, user needs and wills should be kept in mind like intact i.e. what user exactly wants, etc. The program layout should be simple with minimum complexion. Unnecessary calculations can be avoided to make efficiency maximum. The text font size should not be too small or large. Sharp text color like light text color on light background or dark text color on dark background must be avoided. Proper coloring of text and objects are done to make text readable and attractive.

A good user interface includes a simple and unique design which is comfortable with user expectation. It contains complete and correct information. Use of simple and easily understandable meaning, unambiguity, recognizable words. Data is so displayed that multiple information is distinguished easily and accurately.

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