Wholistic Entrepreneur

Its time to Entrepreneur your WHOLE life

Choose consciously, live fully, create sustainable momentum & meaningful results!

  • Are you entrepreneuring a new project or business, yet you want to go about it differently?
  • Are you ready to create from clarity and conscious choice?
  • Do you want to rewire how you go about getting results?
  • Do you KNOW and BELIEVE that there is a way to live a life of the full expression of you AND get your desired results in a way that fully energizes all of you? (There is!)

We get it. We've been there. We hold a strong conviction that we can live our passions, contribute in a big way, and fully integrate our lives in ways that energize and fuel. We each personally chose this path. We've coached our clients to this place who were longing for the same thing. And now, we offer it to a select group of entrepreneurial-spirited women: you!

Our 2.5 day innovative workshop with follow-on group coaching sessions will guide you to rituals, habits, & choices that lead to full-life vitality, and the return and results that you need. You'll leave nourished, refreshed, and ready with a plan. And, you'll have a new community of like-minded and like-spirited women with which to support and grow.


  • Women professionals ready to take it ALL to a new level both in life and business and are clear that they won't sacrifice themselves to do it.

  • Women Entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders who value a clear path and a community of like-minded peers to support each other in times of making big shifts (we've got both for you!)

  • Women who are looking for a way to be who they really are, in all areas of life, and aren't willing to 'take off' a truth for them to 'take on' fitting in.

  • Women who require a workshop that's different from the 'been there, done that 20 times over' - one that delivers with joy and creativity, practical, innovative, value-impact experience, content, and connections.

Entrepreneur Your Life!

Wednesday, July 10th 2013 at 9am to Friday, July 12th 2013 at 12pm

Dragonfly Arts, Inc., Boulder, Colorado

Reserve YOUR seat now! This workshop is only open to the first 20 people saying YES to a prosperous and nourished life. For more information or to register, email amy@insidecounts.com or call 303-229-3330.

Great Ideas, But How are We Going to Deliver?

Below is a sampling of what we do and our approach:
  • Determine your current state of whole life integration around entrepreneurial performance and success through personal energy assessments. From this view of current reality, we go to vision and 'connect the dots' to create the way.

  • Create your value-impact vision that's both a stretch AND possible, while we provide 'reality checks'

  • Balance of movement (hiking, meditative walks, and yoga) and stillness (awareness techniques)

  • We'll draw on free form and creative to bring you into a clear focus and solid rhythm

  • Model practices for whole-life integration that you can continue at home

  • Provide and cultivate mind-expanding perspectives through pattern-shifting inquiry

You will leave with a clear path and next steps for creating your next chapter in life from all of YOU. You'll leave Radiant, Alive and Nourished!

What's the investment?

TUITION - $1,250; You receive:
  • 2 1/2 day workshop (Boulder, Colorado at Dragonfly Arts, a healing arts studio and meeting space overlooking the foothills surrounding Boulder)
  • 2 follow on group coaching calls to keep you on track and provide support, held post-workshop
  • Personal Journal
  • Nutritious snacks to maintain energy levels throughout the day
  • Morning/afternoon yoga, guided hikes, meditative solo walks.

To secure your seat, send a check for the full amount OR the first of 2 payments of $625.00, payable to Inside Counts, LLC.

SIGN UP TODAY wholisticentrepreneur@insidecounts.com

Amy Felix-Reese

Amy has over 25 years experience working with organizations and individuals in the field of leadership and organizational development. In those years, she's worked both internally and as an entrepreneur to coach senior leaders, teams, and organizations to work and live at their peak without sacrificing themselves. Finally, finally, she is listening to her own advice. She launched Inside Counts in 1998 and has never looked back.

Kate Spear

Kate has spent over 20 years pioneering an entrepreneurial minded career as an innovative leader. Her experience includes owning a small business, heading departments in private corporations, working as a business coach and as a facilitator of women's empowerment work. Her work with Wholistic Entrepreneur is a culmination of all her experience combined with her powerful message that the time is NOW to be fully integrated in ALL that we are as working women.