Before we get the year started...

Things to know and do

Things to KNOW

Flex / Trade-out day

Each year there is one day that staff are expected to work in June after school is out. We are given the option of making up those hours in other ways. This year we will be getting these hours on our Professional Learning days and during a couple PL opportunities after school. For example this week, you are earning three of those hours with the extended days on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. We get you more information about the other hours later.

Contract Hours

CISD employees are required to be at work 30 minutes before and after the school day as marked by bells.


Duty will be done a bit differently this year. Paraprofessionals will have duty each day prior to and after school. Teachers will have duty assigned for two weeks. One week will be active duty; the other week will be acting as a sub for anyone who needs coverage during the week assigned. The morning station for educators will be the front car line and the afternoon spot will be hallway duty. Please make sure to read the descriptions of these duty stations to make sure that you are completing duty correctly.

Duty Schedule Here (see the second tab if it doesn't pull up automatically)

Duty Descriptions Here

Flipped Infographic

The flipped infographic from Monday's stations can be found in the North Staff Resources folder on Google Drive or click here.

What is required to be posted on Schoology?

The same as last year: all major assignments, projects, and tests.

NEW THIS YEAR: All homework assignments need to be posted on the Schoology Calendar. This does NOT include unfinished classwork that becomes homework because a child did not finish. Just true homework assignments - which we know isn't that often!

Team Rooms

Both connecting rooms on the 6th and 7th grade hallways are now team rooms. NO KIDS are allowed: no filming, no pass through, etc.

Clarification on Tardies

Many of you noticed that tardies are on the behavior management plan. A little clarification: You should still record all tardies in Pentamation. When a learner hits 4 tardies (just like any other type of infraction) you complete an office referral. The APs will handle the tardy discipline.

The next part does not require any action from you - it just for your information: 1st period tardies will be handled differently than tardies to other class periods. Tardies to class (2nd-7th periods) will be handled with typical discipline practices. Tardies to 1st period will be managed using a separate process in accordance with attendance laws since they can be considered a truancy issue.

Things to DO

Student Organizations and Events

Each staff member is expected to either lead a student organization or coordinate a campus event (or both). We believe in shared leadership at North and this is one way that we distribute and share the love. Please click this link and let us know which you will be or hope to do. We will communicate out with you when we have everyone matched with this choices. You can put more than one choice in each box.

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