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Welcoming the Season of Lights!

The past nearly two years taught us the power of gratitude. How will you celebrate all that you are grateful for this month? Are you celebrating yourself as well? You are doing what you can with what you have and that is certainly something of great value. We are thankful for all of you and what you do for our communities. Your positive influence, dedication, and unwavering belief in hope of better days to come for fellow colleagues and our students does not go unnoticed. You are who we celebrate this month especially! Our deepest thanks to you all!

Be well & breathe,

Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney

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Five Awesome Mindful Gratitude Activities for Kids

With kids in particular, Gratitude practice is linked to enhanced happiness, optimism, improved social support, and overall satisfaction with school, family, community, friends and self.

Shift to a Mindset of Gratitude / Morning Meditation / Mindful Movement

Podcast: Lisa Feldman Barrett – Your Emotions Aren’t What You Think (click below)

The Science of Gratitude

How Gratitude Changes You and Your Brain

What did we find? Compared with the participants who wrote about negative experiences or only received counseling, those who wrote gratitude letters reported significantly better mental health four weeks and 12 weeks after their writing exercise ended. This suggests that gratitude writing can be beneficial not just for healthy, well-adjusted individuals, but also for those who struggle with mental health concerns. In fact, it seems, practicing gratitude on top of receiving psychological counseling carries greater benefits than counseling alone, even when that gratitude practice is brief.

Read Berkeley's four insights from their research here.

Local Harvest - Real Food, Real Farmers, Real Community

Interested in supporting local farmers through a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture is a great way to receive fresh, local produce and other farm products. Know where your food is coming from and who is growing it! Check out the list of CSAs in our region!
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How are you taking care of your mind during the school year? Please take time for personal growth! Reconnecting with our inner student amps up our motivation for trying new things or rethinking our perspectives on old things! Let's do all the things!