Marco Polo

By: Tiffanny Huynh


Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy, on September 15, 1254 and died on January 1324.

He was the son of Nichole Polo, who was a wealthy merchant. Marco was an Italian voyager and a merchant just like his father. Most of Marco's childhood was spent parentless because his mother died when he was young and his father and his uncle, Maffeo Polo, who was also a wealthy merchant, were in Asia for most of Marco's childhood. When Marco grew older he was employed as a special envoy by Kublai Khan to explore the world. Later on he was married and raised three daughters.


Marco Polo is the first European writer since classical times to mention the monsoon, he mastered four languages which were Spanish, Italian, English, and French. He wrote a booked called "The Travels of Marco Polo" that provided inspirations for other explorers, became the most popular read in Europe. He found out that at narrowest point of the desert was entirely full mountains, valleys, and sands, and that it would takes months to cross over it. When the Marco Polo crossed into China with his father, Niccolo Polo, and uncle, Maffeo Polo, he noted that there were gardens and farms that grew grapes and cotton.

Impact on the world

Marco Polo wrote a book called, "The Travels of Marco Polo", that inspired many people to go on adventures and see the world. The readers believed every detail of his story about what it's like in China, even the modern scholars believe his accounts were accurate, but some people think that Marco's book is fiction so when he lay dying, his friends and fans wanted him to admit that the book was fiction. But Marco wouldn't agree. Christopher Columbus went to Atlanta in hopes of finding a different way to the Orient, with a copy of Marco's book. Marco even provided the western world a with it's first clear picture of the East's geography and ethnic customs. He traveled to Burma, India, Tibet, and other places in the far-flung areas of Asia that the Europeans never discovered.