Boost that local business Listing!

Rank well on google map,get more clients & stop losing leads

Stop losing business by having a weak Google, Yahoo, Bing listing. Improving Local business listings has no secret for me!

My name is Sam and I am Local Business listing specialist.
I spent many years working for Tech companies in the Silicon Valley, Sunny Valle, Redwood City, Mountain View Northern Cali area where It all started.

If you are reading this, I am sure you have noticed this: It's a real WAR out there!! when it comes to local Business listings: unfair ranking, listings which never show up in the search or never make it to the first page, competitors using all kind of tricks to rank on top of you and get those customer calls or emails leaving pretty much nothing for other businesses not ranked on the first page . I know what you are going through, It can be very frustrating, No worries! help is here.

I have helped many businesses of all kind: dentists, lawyers, restaurants, plumbers, flower shops, electricians.. you name it, to improve their local business ranking well on the map and make that phone ring more often and grow their profits. as long as you are providing a service or selling a products or both, you absolutely need Local Business Listing enhancement, optimization also what I call informally a listing BOOST!

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Read my clients reviews, call me for a free consultation and get to know me before saying SOLD!

Call us today! You don't have to settle & accept that low ranking, lets do something about it!

Sam's direct line ☎ (323) 809-0178
I am based in Los Angeles CA area, No worries I work with many clients in every states in the U.S. If you see this ad, it means
I have clients in your area.
Mailing Address:
1730 Grevelia St, South Pasadena, CA 91030

EVERYBODY can list your business in the local listings, only a few have the talent & skills to help you rank!

I am based in Los Angeles CA area but No worries I work with many clients in almost every states and cities in the U.S. As long as people have access to the internet via Personal computers, Cellphones, tablets and ipads in your town, I am your man, Sam the man!

Did you know that 90% of customers calls go to the first 5 position on the Google/Yahoo/Aol/Bing map in every line of business?

Look your business line up along with the city you are in, for example: air-conditioning repair in Chicago or Interior designer in Miami.. or whatever your business line is and check out who is getting those calls everyday, if you are not on the first page of the Google map/local in those first 5 positions, which I call the money zone, you are in trouble, your business is bleeding leads and you don't even know it because those calls aren't coming your way.

My listing Boost services starts at $350, It doesn't matter the type of business you are running as long as It doesn't involve anything illegal :) I can analyze your competitors listings and study their references, then submit your business references to high quality top 30 relevant directories to your niche which Google is juicing your competitors references from, build customize maps and Geo-references pointing at your location and highlighting your business products, services and the keyword you want to rank for and submit and spread all of that through interconnected & interlaced data networks to improve your Google local listing ranking. It's not an over night process, It's like building a home, there's multiple steps to it and each step is important in the process, you need to start right to have a quality foundation and build on top of it.

I am often asked: Sam why listing with the top 30 directories and not top 100? The answer is simple, in some cases We can do more safely but keep in mind, Google algorithms to rank a listing, specially since the Penguin update, calculate the relevancy and the quality of the references crawled, indexed & submitted, having too many low quality generic business references will be seen as spammy and It is automatically penalized by the algorithms, resulting in low ranking and sometimes deindexed listings.
So remember Quality and Relevancy matter!!
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