adapted by:Alice Alfonsi

From the hit TV series on Disney Channel

Hannah Montana


Miley/Hannah Montana:she's a normal girl but at the same time she's a pop star, she's pretty and funny, she also has a good choice of fashion.

Lilly:She's Miley's BFF and sometimes she help Hannah with her career of pop star, she is a loyal friend

Jackson:He's Miley's brother, He sometimes fight with her sister but he loves her, he's funny and kinda wear.

Mr.Stewart:he is miley and Jackson's father, he supports his daughter with her career, he is tall and funny.

Oliver:He's Miley's best friend too, he likes to sing , he likes to help his friends with their problems.

Liza:She is a professional photografer, and she likes be original with her things.


This book is about how is going the life of a teenager that has a big career, and how she learned lessons of the life. this book took place in Miley's house that is close to the beach, and also took place in a building . This take place in United States and in present time.


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Hannah Montana was promoting special cream for zits but then there was a problem because the photografer added a big zit to hannah´s forehead in the picture ..... and actually the picture is up there in a building so everybody can see it. At night Hannah and Jackson his brother covered the zit with paint, the next day when the people will see the new comercial Miley´s friend saw the picture , Lilly got confused because she thought Miley doesn´t care because Miley told her,but then Hannah felt shy about she just care that and it does not matter because no body is perfect,Hannah just wanted see her perfect skin but then she learned about it´s what´s inside counts no just her inner. Hannah leave the zit in the pictured and she told to everybody - Even hannah Montana has zits... so Miley´s best friends [Oliver and Lilly] as her father and brother felt proud of her because she learned a lesson.


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