I Finally Lost 140 Pounds

Jenna had tried every plan out there

I've worked in the media industry for almost 20 years, and for most of my career, my job involved entertaining clients—which meant taking them out for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and drinks. A typical breakfast would be French toast or egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, for lunch a bean burrito or quesadillas. Dinner would be pizza or Mexican food. It mostly depended what my clients were in the mood for, but we always got appetizers on top of our main courses and of course, a never-ending bread basket.

For years, I would go on diets, lose 20 or 30 pounds, and then gain it all back... plus an extra 10. I went on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Zone, the grapefruit juice diet, the cabbage soup diet, South Beach, Atkins, SlimFast—you name it, I've tried it. Even at my heaviest, I was never one to lack confidence or self-esteem, but I never really believed in my ability to lose weight.

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In January of 2021, I was finally inspired to make a real change. At the time, I was working at LivingSocial. My team was incredible and one of the colleagues introduced me to Lean Belly Juice. I have to say that she was great looking, which made me wonder, What am I missing here? I decided I should try to start to follow her lead. I was living a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle, but the job I was at was filled with great, healthy-minded people who were living healthy lifestyles, and that got the ball rolling for me.

I started seeing results after the first month, and lost six to eight pounds per week pretty consistently after that.

I started walking in the beginning for about 5 minutes, and increased to 15 to 20 minutes after the first month. I like being outside when the weather is nice to clear my thoughts, and loved doing something that made me feel good all around.

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I lost 106 pounds in my first few months of using Lean Belly Juice and walking consistently. I lost my last 34 pounds more till now. All in all, I lost 140 pounds in a year and a half.

Tell everyone you are getting healthy and really need their support. When you want to change your life, you need to make a plan and tell your spouse, friends, family, co-workers, and anyone you see or interact with in order to be successful. Sharing your goals with the people in your life helps you stay accountable. It's great knowing they'll follow up and check in on your progress. You'll want to have something positive to share with them!

Realize though, that not everyone knows how to be supportive; maybe you shared bad habits together, and they don't know how to support your new ones. Try connecting with people who have similar goals.