Internet Safety

Be Safe While Having Fun!

What is internet safety?

Internet safety is all about being safe online. If you’re not careful, worst case scenario is you wake up in a random trunk because of an online stalker. But don’t worry, that will not happen to you. You just have to be careful by following these steps:

1: 95% of teens (12-17) are online, so be smart! Personalize information so only the people you want can see it!

2: If you are being bullied or feel uncomfortable, TELL SOMEONE about your problem.

3: Be smart! DO NOT post ANY kind of personal information online unless to people you absolutely know for sure, for positive.

4: If you feel uncomfortable about a question change the subject or don't answer.

5: DO NOT use the same username for two things.

6: if someone is constantly trying to get something answered from you, leave the site for a week or two. If they still ask TELL SOMEONE!