Should I do it ?

It was finally the day I was leaving to join the military .

It was a big beautiful house two levels. my couch was long and brown, I had a big screen TV posted on my wall . my kitchen had different variety's of food waiting to be eaten . My restroom was a pretty pink and orange , mirror posted right above my clear glass sink. The living room was a bright orange and clean white.

We were all sitting in the living room , it was a long day , my mother decided to throw me a get together family because I was leaving . This was my last day being with my family for quite a while. I was still a little confused I didn't want to settles for less. Thoughts were running through my head like "should I really make this big move" , " am I ready for this" , maybe my nana was right . It was already to late my thoughts didn't matter now they were already on the way to take me away.

My family started to tell me how proud they were . They were so happy that I made this choice, I was still confused I just wasn't sure .if I wanted to do this . I knew wasn't going to be with my mommy for a long time , what if something happens to her and I'm not around ? . I was so nervous because I really didn't know what I was getting myself into . I couldn't base my decision on what my some of my family members thought, it was about me now and what I wanted .

My mind changed, everything changed when my pops told me his experience. my pops said "Kenzie this is for you , you know what's best for you so do it go for what you always wanted to do . I said " you know grandpa you are right thanks for believing in me more" . I looked at the military so differently now , I became more excited about going I was so ready now, now that I knew more about . I was so relieved and ready to reach my goal .

I said my goodbyes I gave my hugs and kisses . The van pulled in my driveway they knocked on my door I went to open it . " are you ready " " yes sir I am , just let me get my things and ill be on the way" . I went to get my things gave my mom and grandma a long hug and hoped right in the van . That was it this was the day I became a member of the united states navy member . I learned that I cant always do what my family thinks is best for me , I know what I want and what is best for me . I reached my goal all my hard work paid off .

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