Pastry Chef

What is a Pastry Chef?

A pastry chef is a a professional cook who specializes in cakes and pastries.

Why Would Anyone Want To Be A Pastry Chef?

A Pastry Chef does more than give people high sugar levels and getting them fat. A pastry chef can control someone's emotions, conversations, weight, and even someone's perception on some things. Because they control someone's emotions and cravings, they can get to know certain types of people on more personal levels. And one of the best parts, a pastry chef can decorate the world!

Different Careers as a Pastry Chef...

Pastry Chef Opportunities In Our Area!

  • Marconi Conference Center
  • Local bakeries and pastry shops (Bovine, Sift, Busy Bee)
  • Grocery Stores (Safeway, Raley's)