Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Your Health Triangle

"There are three elements of health- physical, mental/emotional, ans social -are interconnected, like sides of a triangle. When one side receives too much or too little attention, the whole triangle becomes unbalanced. To be truly healthy, you need to keep all three sides of your health triangle in balance." p.10

Physical Health

Physical health is how your body works. When you have good physical health, you have enough energy to execute daily activities and to deal with everyday challenges and stress. You are also able to avoid diseases and protect yourself from injury.

To have good physical health a person needs enough sleep, nutritious food, enough eater, and exercise. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Mental/Emotional Health

How you feel about yourself, how well you meet demands of daily life, and your ability to process information are factors of mental health. People with good mental/emotional health enjoy challenges, learning new things, and see mistakes as opportunities to grow to and change. People with good emotional health are in touch with their feelings and can express them in appropriate ways.

Social Health

Social Health is the way you get along with others. It includes your ability to make and keep friends and to work and play in cooperate ways, seeking and lending support when necessary.