The Pilot

Max Magnussen, Editor-in-Chief

The Revolution of All Time

WICHITA, KANSAS - During this time during of the Industrial Revolution the farmers are going through good and bad times. On the positive side, the creation of new farm machinery causes less human labor and makes farming more efficient. Crops will be harvested quicker and can be shipped out easier than before the Industrial Revolution. Up until now, so much of this work was done by hand and animals. The luxury of our new inventions are making farming today more efficient. On the other hand, not all aspects are positives. There is major costs associated with buying new machinery. As we have seen many of our fellow farmers are going into debt to purchase these new massive machines. Also finding a way to transport the products has farmers struggling. The long working hours and dangerous working conditions are taking a toll on many families.

Unfair Wages, Poor Working Conditions

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK - The implementation of child labor is a new idea in the Progressive Era. In this time of the Industrial Revolution many business owners have no choice but to use children to labor. This is not good for taking the industry to a new level. Is this really what we want for our next generation? It is unfair to expect maximum labor at very little expense to the “highest bidder”. Is there really a price we can put on our children? Child labor must be regulated to preserve our youth for their future and generations to come.

“Remember the Maine!”

SANTIAGO, CUBA - On January 25, 1898 the United States sent the USS Maine to Havana, Cuba. This was done to protect businesses and to show that the United States had an interest in the Spanish Cuban Struggle. On February 15, 1898 the Spanish exploded and sank the USS Maine. Who sank the USS Maine? It was the work of the enemy, Spain. With men being blown into the air, a reward of $50,000 is being offered for the criminals who destroyed the USS Maine on purpose. It is our hopes that we find these criminals and bring them to justice.

Promoting Patriotism and Raising Money

MOBILE, ALABAMA - This image suggests that if you buy United States Government bonds, it will put food on the plates, rounds in the rifles, and critical funding to help the United States to win World War One.


Gilded Age - For Sale- Primley Bicycle: Get where you need to go in style with the Primley Bicycle for only $35.

Gilded Age - Wanted - Railroad worker, pays 10¢ an hour and safe working conditions.

Progressive - Services - Steelworker - great working conditions, 14¢ per hour.

WW1 - Wanted - Expert first class gunner, $5 per month.

WW1 - Services - Nurses needed to assist the troops overseas. 10¢ per hour.

Roaring 20s - For Sale - Baseball cards, 99¢ per pack, come to your nearest card store.

Gas In the Trenches

NORTHEASTERN FRANCE - Many people assume that the Germans were the first to use poison gas during World War One. This is not completely accurate. The first gas attacks were actually done by the French. In August of 1914, the French used tear gas grenades on the Germans, not to kill but to disorientate them. These grenades contained xylyl bromide. Xylyl bromide is more of an irritant instead of a gas that kills. The French used this on the German army that was advancing in Belgium and Northeastern France. Even though the French were the first to use poison gas the Germans were quick to follow. even though there were many gas encounters there were few deaths as a result.

Lights, Camera, Action!

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - We are living in an era that is very exciting in the entertainment world. You can now enjoy a movie that was once a silent picture and now is exploding with sound and music. Gather your friends and come to the Friday night premiere of the movie “Wings”. It will be shown at your local nickelodeon this movie stars Clara Bow, Charles “Buddy” Rodgers, and Richard Arlen.

The House That Ruth Built.

BRONX, NEW YORK - Last season Babe Ruth hit a staggering 54 home runs in The Yankee Stadium which is now known as “The House That Ruth Built”.

Roaring 20s State: Arizona

During the 1920s in Arizona their was early planning about the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam was put in because there was going to be annual spring time flooding in California and Arizona.