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Eli Whitney Saves Time- Interchangeable Parts

The New Fast And Improved Interchangeable Parts

Eli Whitney, with his knowledge of technology, has come up with a new and improved way, or break through, for machines. One of the disadvantages of machines are the fact that when they break a certain part, the whole thing needs to be replaced.

Now, a man named Eli Whitney has come up with an idea that will change everything. Whitney gave a proposal for mass-producing guns using water-powered machinery. With this proposal in mind, he came up with interchangeable parts, identical parts of a machine. This made it easier to assemble and broken parts easier to replace.

He promised that he could build 10,000 muskets in 2 years. With the promise, the government gave Eli the money he needed to build a factory, and soon later he was to stand in front of President John Adams and demonstrate how to assemble interchangeable parts. The fact that he succeeded, was a major factor of speeding up mass production, the efficient production of large numbers of identical parts.