Journalism Project

By: Raymond Preston

Narrative- A day in the life of Raymond

So I wake up at 5:42 AM, and stay in bed for twenty minutes. Then I get my breakfast, which consists of two pop-tarts (smore kind). After I eat my nutritious breakfast, I brush my teeth, and get my clothes on. I then get in my sister's car, and ride to school. I then walk in school, get my second breakfast (also consists of a pop-tart). I then go to zero hour and chill. Then I go to first hour, and learn some math, then second hour, and learn some woodcutting. I then go to third hour and learn some English skills for life. I have the same subject fourth hour, and learn more English skills. In fifth hour I usually go to Social Studies and learn about old people doing old things. In sixth hour, I learn about science and earth things. In seventh hour I usually chill with the family in P.E, Computers. I then get in my bus, and ride home, but I don't drive. When I get home I chill out and do some homework. I then eat dinner, and take a shower. Then I go to bed and sleep happily ever after.

Informative- Elections

There are two front runners in the election. One of which being Hillary Clinton, one of the first female nominees for the white house. The other is Donald J. Trump, and Hillary are expected to be competing in the summer convention.

Argumentive- Iphones are better

Iphone are better. Katie says so, "Iphones are the bomb". Justice, "They have good camera quality and, they have better apps". Adam says, "They have good battery"

Argumentative- why school should have better lunch

School lunch right now is very bad, it consists of the same thing every week. School is so bad, that not even my dog would eat it. School lunch is so bad, that they use chicken patties as chicken fried chicken.