Evie Schwab

What is PinterestPerfect?

Have you ever seen a super-cute DIY project on Pinterest that you're just dying to try? I know I have, but it always seems to be a problem when I'm looking for the supplies to do it. I go to Walmart, and I can't find the dishwasher-safe Mod-Podge. I go to Hobby Lobby and the type of paint I need is nowhere to be found. So, I came up with a solution to these dilemmas. PinterestPerfect is an app that can be purchased on Apple and Android devices that enables you craft-savvy people to find exactly what you need.

How it Works

To use PinterestPerfect, you first download the app on your smart phone or tablet. The app costs $3.99, but can be accessed without Wi-Fi. After it is downloaded, you have to give the app permission to use your location and then connect it to your Pinterest account. The next time you open Pinterest and find a DIY project you want to do, you simply click the button in the upper right-hand corner that says "PinterestPerfect" and my app will tell you exactly what you need and the closest craft store(s) you can find it! Piece of cake!

Just how good are we?

"This is a revolutionary new way to get in touch with your inner craftiness."

-Times Magazine

"PinterestPerfect is absolutely amazing. What a brilliant idea."

-New York Times

"Rated 5 stars and the featured app on the Apple and Android app stores."

-Factual information

"PinterestPerfect is the best thing ever."

-Every person ever


Buy this app today and you definitely won't regret it!