Kelley's Kids

Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

September 2014

Hello Families,

Students will have their first major test in Math this week. We will review on Monday. Please spend time Monday evening looking over the review that will be in your child's folder. Kids can also use their Pearson Realize login to access lessons and videos at home to practice concepts from Topic 1. Rounding, Counting Money, and Place Value Relationships were very hard for some students. Login sheets are in your child's folder in a plastic sleeve. PLEASE remember to have them keep these logins in their folder so they can bring them back and forth to school and home.

Most students did very well with their first spelling test last Friday! Woo Hoo!! Thank you for spending time at home working on these words. I'm so proud of our little spelling rock stars!

If you have not done so, please sign and return your child's progress report that came home last Tuesday. Thank you! Enjoy your weekend!

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of September 22nd:

Math: Addition facts, Topic 1 Test Tuesday, Topic 2 Addition/Subtraction

Spelling: Lesson 2

Science: Matter

Writer's Workshop: Personal Narrative

Reader's Workshop: Folklore, Roberto Clemente in our Reading Book

Social Studies: Founding Fathers


Mon: Music

Tue: P.E.

Wed: Art

Thur: Science

Fri: Music

Homework Sept 22-26:

Kelley’s Kids Homework

Week of Sept. 22, 2014


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Math (look over review for test on Tuesday)

__Spelling Choice


__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Spelling Choice



__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Math practice

__Spelling Choice



__ Read 20 minutes/ 9 for 9 challenge

__ Spelling Choice (test on Friday)

__Math practice


__Library books due

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