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Week Ending November 14, 2014

This week in...

Reading: we read a humorous fiction text called Max’s Words by Kate Banks. During whole, small, and individual instruction we worked on identifying transition words and sequencing the important events in stories. Each student made a foldable to demonstrate their ability to properly sequence the events in a story. In addition, we practiced questioning using thin and thick questions. Thin questions are found right in the story and can be pointed to. Thick questions typically require students to “think outside of the box” and use what they understood from the text to answer the question. The students have used thin and thick questions frequently to assist in monitoring their comprehension of a text. Question starters can be found on my eBoard under the Language Arts tab. We look forward to continuing to practice these skills and strategies. In grammar, we learned about verbs and how to identify a verb in a sentence.

Math: we continued working in Chapter 3. This week we learned about perimeter and how to find the perimeter of regular and irregular shapes. Additionally, we practiced finding the perimeter of straw triangles and determined the different combinations of sides to create the perimeter. We were introduced to the idea of area by counting how many specific shapes are needed to cover the inside of a rectangle. Finally, we gathered measurements in order to create a line plot. After creating the line plot, we interpreted the data finding the maximum, minimum, range, median, and mode!

Writing: this week we reviewed the need for punctuation in our writing. Additionally, students learned how to appropriately punctuate dialogue! We learned how to revise to ensure we had a balance of dialogue, action, and thoughts. Finally, we worked on writing a meaningful ending. On Friday, we chose a piece we were currently working on to publish. After we publish our narratives, we will share our writing with students in 2nd grade!

Science: we observed our plants and their growth spurts! Our plants have certainly grown and are beginning to develop: buds, more true leaves, and flowers.

Handwriting: we learned how to create the lower case "l" in cursive and connect it with other letters h, a, c, d, g, t, p, and e

Grammar: we learned when it is appropriate to add endings: -s, -es, -ing, and -ed to words. Students reviewed how to compare nouns using -er and -est. Additionally, we learned when to use the article a and an.



  • In an effort to support student responsibility, spelling lists will no longer be posted on my eBoard. After five weeks of reviewing expectations and activities, I'm confident the students are prepared for this!

Math Facts:

  • Please continue to have your child study their addition or subtraction facts daily. It is imperative that he/she understands these facts before we move onto multiplication.


  • Please continue to encourage your child to read all directions on his/her homework before completing!


  • Test will be on Monday, November 17th. Lists can also be found on my eBoard as an additional resource.

Important Dates for 3L

Happy Birthday to:

  • Nate and Matthew L.
  • Please check our eBoard and contact me if your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday in school.

Poet of the Week:
  • Ava T.: Friday, November 21st
  • Poems must be submitted for teacher approval before a student presents!!

Star of the Week:

  • Matt LaProcido: Monday, November 17th

Guest Reader:

  • Kim Rohlfing: Friday, November 21 @ 8:40
  • Schedule is attached to my eBoard under Guest Read Aloud

*Click the link below to my eBoard for additional details!


Central Events

November 12, 2014 PTA Meeting @ 7:30 p.m.

November 14, 2014 CS Spirit Day

December 3, 2014 PAC Meeting @ 3:10

December 2, 2014 Secret Shop

December 3, 2014 Secret Shop (We're going at: 9:55-10:25)

December 5, 2014 CS Spirit Day

December 6, 2014 CS Holiday Breakfast @ 8:00

December 10, 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences 1/2 day

December 11, 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences Evening

December 12, 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences- school closed

December 15, 2014 Parent Teacher Conferences 1/2 day

December 23, 2014- January 4, 2015 Winter Recess

Student Council Drives:

Stomp Out Hunger:

-runs October 1-November 22

-donate canned goods

-benefits Mabel Kay Senior Center & families throughout South Jersey

Specials This Week:

Monday is a Day 6:

  • Gym

Tuesday is a Day 1:

  • Spanish and Music

Wednesday is a Day 2:

  • Library and Gym

Thursday is a Day 3:

  • Art

Friday is a Day 4:

  • Spanish

A Word from Third

None at this time.

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