Mobile Technology in the Classroom

The "why" and the "how"

Teachers - this is for you!

Teachers are being inundated with requests and requirements to use mobile technologies in their classrooms. Training is necessary to understand the why – Why mobile technologies should have a place in the classroom, and the how – How they can integrate mobile technologies into their classroom and lessons.

Mobile Technologies in the Classroom

Tuesday, Feb. 19th 2013 at 12:15-3pm

Homestead High School IMC

Part 1 – Why use mobile technologies in the classroom?

  • Video – Engage Me
  • NETS-S
  • Discussion about mobile technology use in the classroom

Part 2 – How do we use mobile technologies in the classroom?

  • Teacher demonstration of uses
  • Department collaboration time
  • Share technology ideas with others
  • Closing – Google doc and Poll Everywhere