Mrs. G

Who am I?

All About Me!

I am strong and happy,

I wonder about the future of our country,

I hear books speak to me,

I see Angels smiling,

I want to see my children succeed,

I am strong and happy.

I pretend I am a rock-star,

I feel like I'm flying,

I touch the clouds,

I worry about the struggles of tomorrow,

I cry when I am overwhelmed,

I am strong and happy.

I understand that hard work pays off,

i say that believing in yourself is important,

I dream about making a difference,

I try to motivate others,

I hope to help others become healthy,

I am strong and happy.

6 word Memoir! (What I believe)

Be strong, be beautiful, be yourself!

Some of my favorites!!

Fun Facts 4X4

I am a trainer.

With eight years experience.

I love teaching kickboxing.

Motivating people is awesome!

A Story that touches my Heart

I love the story "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry. It is centered around the well known theme of love and thinking of others before yourself being the best gift you can give. I think this theme is easy for many people to relate to because there are several situations in life where it could apply.
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My favorite Book- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 4x4 summary

One family, five daughters,

Darcy versus Bingley, courtiers,

One sister elopes secretly,

Elizabeth loves Mr. Darcy finally

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