Land Use in Brazil

Rylie Scudder, Cheyanne Mince, Nick Baker

In today's society in Brazil, the water source isn't so great. In this presentation, we will discuss how the people of Brazil can help the water quality. We will also discuss what is going on with the water in Brazil.

Rio dos Sinos, one of the rivers in Brazil, has the worst water quality. It is caused by heavy industrialization and growing urbanization. This diversified land use puts the Rio dos Sinos watershed at risk of a wide range of potential environmental impacts such as deforestation, acid rain, endangered species, air pollution and waste disposal.

Ways to help the water quality in Brazil

There are many ways for people to help overcome the water pollution in Brazil. They could pay over $100 million, keep many paved surfaces cleaned, reduce the fertilizer use to a low, and also use a limit to keep water above drought level, reuse plastic bags and double shower.