By: Kayla Carroll

Main Beliefs

They only beileve in one God, they communicate with him through prayer others see him in majesty in natural worlds.

The holy book they use is the tankah (Jewish Bible)

Jewish people go to a worship house called synagogues. Synagogues are also used for schools.

Men go to synagogues 3 times a day, women go whenever they want to go.

Cites/Areas of Land

They live in Isreal, Europe, Asia. They live all around the world and small portions of them live everywhere.

Central Figure

The central figure in judaism is Abraham, Mosses, Isaac, and jacob. There some prophets that are a central figure to people.

Current Event

"Giving thanks for the miracle of survival"

There were people that were some survivors in the holocaust. Its almost been 70 years since the holocaust happened and a gernest in meeting the man who is the Oskar Schindler of his own life. They were hiding Gersten in a vilage in Poland for two years during world war two. The holocaust took place on wednesday on the eve of Hanukkah.

-November 26, 2013

Local Place of Worship

They manly worship in a Synagogues, Beit Knesset, Schul, Temple.

The Synaogues is the primary purpose. for communal prayer, they read from torah scrolls.

Temple car refer to a buddahist place of worship.
Beit Knesset is a combination of Beit haKnesset (House of Worship).

Schul is from Yiddish. Its people who grew up around yiddish speckers, sometimes Schul is unfamiliar to some jews because they didnt grow up around Yiddish.