PreK-3 Classroom Technology

Designing a Model

What is the plan for updating and providing technology access in LISD's K-3 classrooms?

That's a good question! LISD is currently looking at different devices that would meet the needs of students in Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade classrooms. Teachers and administrators from a variety of campuses have been involved in giving input and recommendations. These discussions take into consideration a wide variety of factors that will affect our decisions - what is currently available, cost of new purchases, life of the devices, ease of use, to name just a few! Ideally we will determine a model as our goal and work towards outfitting the classrooms with the devices over the span of the next few years.

Now, it's your turn to help!

We would like your feedback on some of the brainstorming that has taken place so far.

We have listened to your advice and created a model that addresses the needs of each grade level separately. Please review the following model. This is just one proposal created from all of the input gathered. After reviewing the model, please provide feedback by filling out the survey. Thank you!
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