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Mrs. Edelman's Kindergarten News

September 21-25, 2015


Over the last two weeks, we have been introducing the children to books without words. The purpose of this author study is to show our students that even if they don't have all the neccessary words to tell a story; their illustrations can take the reader a long way. We started our unit off with a book called Pancakes for Breakfast. This was a very sweet story about a lady who dreams of making pancakes and then decides to make them when she wakes up. She is faced with many humorous obstacles along the way. The children quietly looked at all the illustrations and then together as a class we wrote the words for the book. We were so impressed by the many details that the class provided and truly enjoyed watching them work together to become the writers of this beautifully illustrated book.

The next book we read was A Ball for Daisy. In this book we met Daisy the dog who has her favorite ball popped by another dog in the park. We had each child create their own book with the main character being Daisy, and they had to write a story about Daisy that had a beginning, middle and end. The children loved illustrating their flip books and most important sharing them with the class. They loved that the class was able to figure out the story they were telling just by looking at the illustrations.

During our word work time we learned about the -op, -og, and -ot word families. We have loved getting to learn new vocabulary along the way! We also added new Sight Words to our Word Wall. This week we learned: has, of, was, he, to, his, go


In Math, we are continuing to build on our student's number sense. We introduced a 100s chart and showed the children how we can use the chart to help us count and also find the value of a number in relation to other numbers. We explored the terms greater than and less than and showed students how to identify a greater number by first looking at the Tens and then the Ones. We played many math games and worked together as a class to build a number chart from 1 to 120! Each child was responsible for completing a part of the number chart puzzle. They worked well together to help one another figure out where their number would fit. We learned that if we move from left to right the numbers get bigger and that from right to left they get smaller. We also learned that if you move up or down a column vertically the number increases or decreases by 10. Understanding these number concepts is very important as we move forward in Math.

Writers Workshop

We officially began our Writing Workshop program. We handed each child their Writers Folder and showed them that there are two pockets. The first is for finished work and the second is for unfinished. We talked about how writers really take their time in illustrating and writing their stories. We learned that authors have a saying, “When I’m Done, I’ve Just Begun.” This means that authors are never truly done because they can always add more details to their pictures, add more words to their stories or begin a whole new piece.We start each Writer's Session with a mini lesson and then have about fifteen minutes of quiet writing time. We like to play classical music as our children write their stories. Our favorite part of the lesson is the last few minutes when students have the opportunity to share their writing.

Reader's Workshop

Reading is truly one of the joys of learning, and we hope to instill in our students a love for books. Reader's Workshop has three main purposes. The first is to give each student the opportunity for to choose a book from our library, find a quiet corner, and read or simply look at the illustrations and come up with their own story. The second purpose is for us to have small group guided reading sessions with our students. Finally, we also like to give students the chance to have additional sight word practice and listen to stories on our classroom I-pads. We rotate through each center, giving each child independent as well as instructed reading time.

Tzaar Ba'alei Chayim (Kindness to Animals)

We are so excited to let you know that the kindergarteners have voted! As a kindergarten community we have selected the giraffe at Zoo Atlanta and the cheetah at the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem to donate our tzedakah. Through your ongoing generous tzedakah donations we will be able to directly impact the quality of our animals' lives. This donation will enable our zoo friends to remain happy, healthy and comfortable.

Upcoming Dates

-September 28 & 29: Sukkot No School

-October 2: Kindergarten Sukkah Lunch

-October 5 & 6: Simchat Torah No School

-October 22: Field Trip to the Art Barn

-October 30: Grandparents and Special Friends Day


  • On October 2, we will be enjoying lunch in our Sukkah. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us. We will go to recess and 11:00 and then go to the Sukkah at 11:20.

Thank You!

Thank you to Svjetlana Jannett for being our Mystery Reader this week. The children loved hearing Eric Kimmel's story Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins.