The Growing Tree



Thank you to all of our families for the support and kindness you have demonstrated throughout the 2015 year. We have been able to grow over this year adding more children and staff. Several of our rooms are now at capacity! 2015 was a busy year for the children and we were able to take many trips over this year and keep up with their swim lessons in the summer. Our focus will continue to be providing quality care for the children while helping to facilitate positive relationships and practice character development to ensure their future success. We are looking forward to another successful year in 2016!

We would like to mention some of the more frequently asked questions;

- Do you have to pay on days your child is absent due to illness or vacation? Yes, once your schedule is created we do charge you for days that your child is gone. This is because we are staffed accordingly for your child and the slot your child occupies. We also charge on holidays because we pay our teachers holiday pay in effort to retain quality teachers. For children that are enrolled full time they are provided 5 days of credit per year.

-Why does it matter if I drop off or pick up later or earlier than my scheduled time? We are licensed and regulated by the state. We must adhere to the child to teacher ratio's. For example, if your typical drop off time for your infant is 7:30 but you need to be into work earlier and bring your child in at 7:00. We may just have one teacher in the room with 4 other babies already there; we would then be in violation of the state rules. TGT is open almost 12 hours a day and a teacher is not allowed to be taking care of children for more than 10 hrs per day in accordance to the state. Therefore, we stagger our teachers in at the start of the day and out at the end of the day. We do this according to your scheduled drop off and pick up times. If you need to drop off or pick up at a different time, please call or text well in advance so that we can staff accordingly.

-Do children transition to a different room based on their birthdates? Not necessarily. The transitions are based on several factors. When we can, we try and transition children two or more at a time. We feel that transitioning to a different room and having a known friend helps to ease the move. We also look for when we feel children are developmentally ready to move. In addition, we also need to make sure there is space available in the next room.

-Can my child come to TGT when they are sick? No, it is our policy that we are not able to care for sick children. If your child has or had a fever, and or has vomited or has significant diarrhea within the last 24hrs they cannot be in attendance at TGT. We are only permitted to administer medicine for non-viral issues. A fever is defined as 100.F or greater. We cannot accept children with temperatures controlled by fever reducing medication.


-We do have some changes that were made to our policies and will be emailing out new policies soon. The majority of changes are minor. One policy change is that we are requesting that any children that are enrolled in TGT that have either an IEP(individual education plan) in place or an IFSP (individualized family service plan) that a TGT rep (teacher, director or both) are included in those meetings. This is so that TGT can provide a consistent care plan and a continuous bridge for communication. This relationship will be to improve the quality of care for your child. Additionally, the annual supply free increased by $10. This allows us to continue to keep tuition rates the same while providing the children transportation to swim lessons, and various field trips through the year, and art supplies. This fee is added to your ledger account in May.

- TGT will be conducting our annual parent/teacher conferences in February. We will again provide sign ups during the drop off and pick up times to try and accommodate your schedule as best we can. As mentioned previously, we are part of a pilot program with the Waisman Center. The pilot program is to help provide resources to early child care providers to help identify children with delays or developmental needs at an earlier age in effort to provide the necessary support for those children. As part of the program we were provided with individual booklets for each child that track milestones. These booklets will be part of the conferences.

- In March we will be conducting our annual parent survey. The survey is a tool for us to look for ways to improve and would appreciate you taking the time to fill it out.