Professional Learning Network

Developing my PLN

What is the Importance of a Professional Learning Network?

The construction of a PLN is vital in any profession, but it is particularly important among educators. It allows educators to connect the power inherent to 21st Century technologies in order to create a professional growth tool that is accessible anywhere at any time. It provides a wealth of resources, strategies, knowledge, and ways to successfully integrate technology within the classroom that students and teachers will continue to use throughout their lives.

My PLN's


Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that allows you to find anything and everything related to your personal and professional interests. It allows you to collect and organize the things that you love with ease. It is also used as a personalized media platform where people create and share collections of visual bookmarks.

Pinterest is a tool that everyone has been telling me to use for some time, and now that I finally started using it I love it! I have been "pinning" constantly, and I have discovered tons of great ideas to use in the classroom. I am also very excited about the interesting things that I have discovered for home projects, recipes, and exercise. I think this network does a great job serving both professional and personal interests. The ideas and activities are truly endless. For more information on Pinterest check out this video.

The Educator's PLN

The Educator's PLN is a Ning site, an online platform for creating your own social network, that facilitates a connection between educators. It features a plethora of resources such as downloadable pod casts with educational leaders as guest speakers, discussion groups with specific classroom purposes, and links to relevant blogs, videos, resource lists, and events. This site is dedicated to the support of a Personal Learning Network for Educators.

I really enjoyed this site because it is education specific. Other sites, like Pinterest, have so many topics that cause me to get side tracked with other ideas (not related to education). When using this site, you do not have that problem; everything and everyone is connected to education. If you need specific ideas or activities to use within the classroom it will be at The Educator's PLN. If there is something you cannot find or need help with, there are video's, forums, and discussion groups readily available. It is definitely a great resource for all educators.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows educators to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas, and discover opportunities around the globe. Educators can join a variety of groups that cater to their professional interests. They can also engage in related discussions while reading, commenting, and submitting articles of interest.

I really liked the idea of joining LinkedIn because it is connected to education as well as the business world. Because I am not in a long term position at the moment, I found it refreshing to discover the different job options and opportunities that are available through this site. LinkedIn can provide a variety of business and educational opportunities (networking) that you may not find through other social media sites. For more information on LinkedIn check out this video.

Preferred Aggragators

An aggragator is a web based or installed application that aggregates related, frequently updated content from various Internet sources and consolidates it into one place for viewing. I recently started using Feedly to easily read and keep up with news, educational, and magazine articles on a daily basis. Feedly is a news aggragator application for various Web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android, also available as a cloud-based service; therefore, you can access it from any machine. It compiles new feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others. It seems to be an extremely useful and easy application to use, and I am continuously adding new topics to review and share. Diigo group, also used as an aggragator, is an application that I was introduced to at the beginning of this program, but I only recently started using it. It allows all participants in this cohort to know what is posted and commented in our online courses. Both Feedly and Diigo can be tied together, so I hope to use both of these tools throughout this program and for personal uses as well.

Get Connected

The image below shows my social media connections.