Weekly Update 12-4-15

Wright City R-II School District

Hello Wildcat Nation!


Every year, it seems to get here quicker and quicker. I'm amazed by how fast time can fly.

I hope everyone had a wonderful full week of school after a fulfilling 5 day holiday weekend.

It is the season of possible weather issues. Please have your snow tree method close by. If you are a coach or sponsor, please have a calling tree or list with you during this timeframe as well. We will post in the usual spots. The only format media wise that I can add specific detail is KWRE radio station.


  1. What is the youngest age it is possible to marry in New Zealand (with parental consent)?
  2. In Game of Thrones, how many dragons does Daenerys Targaryen have?
  3. What nationality is singer Enya?
  4. Which planet is 4th from the sun?
  5. In which year was Minecraft first released to the public?
  6. How many siblings were there in the Jackson family?


Here is an Education Week breakdown of what it currently looks like: http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/campaign-k-12/2015/11/esea_reauthorization_the_every.html

As I type this, the House has passed the new ESEA (or ESSA). Now for the Senate!

From the Desks of Dawn Day and Michele Reigh

East and West Elementaries would like to thank the YMCA Literacy Council for donating leveled books to our buildings All teachers were so grateful for the books and support for our students as readers.
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Our new teachers have now completed their state required Beginning Teacher Assistance program. We do this in conjunction with Montgomery County, North Callaway and Winfield via the 4 day series Teaching New Teachers, or TNT, program. As of December 3rd, they graduated! In 3.5 years, they get to mark that box saying they completed this during their application for the 99 year Career Certificate.

Thank you to all of them for their hard work and open mind set.

Also, thank you to all the guest presenters we utilized. What a rewarding experience for us as well.

New Business In Town!

Here is the press release:

EPC, Inc. Chooses Wright City for Processing Center

WRIGHT CITY, MO – The Greater Warren County Economic Development Council (GWCEDC) is pleased to announce that EPC, Inc. has selected Wright City, Missouri as the location for their electronics recycling center. EPC will relocate their “E-Scrap Processing Center” from a leased space in Earth City, Missouri to a new facility the company will construct and own in Wright City. The relocation is part of an initiative by the company to invest in new, advanced machinery and expand their workforce to better position the company for future growth.

The newly-constructed facility, which is estimated to be approximately 104,000 square feet, will be located adjacent to the Gateway West Industrial Centre at the southeast corner of South Stringtown Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway. Construction is estimated to be completed by mid-2016. The company intends to employ 70 people at the Wright City location immediately upon completion of construction. Many of the initial 70 employees will be transferred from Earth City with the remainder hired new from the local market. The company also intends to hire an additional 20 employees from the local market over the next 3 years.

“EPC is looking forward to expanding our operations with the new e-waste processing facility in Wright City,” said Dan Fuller, President of EPC, Inc. “The attractive operational costs and expansion opportunities along with the cooperative business climate were all key factors in our expansion decision. We look forward to becoming part of the local business community and expect to continue our growth in the region.”

Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, EPC provides IT asset recovery, computer recycling, data destruction and hard drive shredding services to businesses in the United States and Canada. EPC also sells used computers, notebooks, and more to wholesale and retail customers. In addition to their corporate/sales office in St. Charles and processing center in Earth City, the company has locations in Kansas City, Missouri; Las Vegas, Nevada; Columbia, South Carolina; Stafford, Texas; and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

“Our region’s competitive business climate and proactive economic development team make announcements like this possible,” said David Heiliger, Mayor of Wright City. “Wright City welcomes EPC, Inc. to our community and we would like to thank the Greater Warren County EDC and our staff for a job well done.”

“On behalf of the Greater Warren County Economic Development Council, I want to thank EPC, Inc. for choosing our region over other competing locations for this exciting project,” said Gary Carter, President of the GWCEDC Board of Directors. “This project brings needed jobs, new investment, and increased recognition for Warren County as the location of choice for business. We greatly appreciate the partnership and support of the elected leadership and staff of Wright City leading up to this great announcement.”


Wright City R-II School District and the City of Wright City both belong to the Greater Warren County Economic Development Council. The group seeks to attract new business as well as retain current businesses.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dan Fuller and his wife, Robin, at a recent event. I believe you will see them and their company taking on a high profile in our community. We welcome them to Wildcat Country!

Calendar Committee

The Calendar Committee met on Tuesday. They took to the 6 buildings the draft calendar the committee help create in November. They then asked staff to give feedback. Each building shared out that feedback. Several things were common themes.

Based on that feedback, we will move the October PD / PAWS day a week later to coincide with Halloween per 5 of the 6 building's request. We will also split those two days up so they are not back to back. We also will add one more day to the holiday / semester break, thus tacking a day on the end. There were some other clerical pieces that were addressed.

We will put this to the BOE for consideration in January.

Thank you to Brooks Wegrzyn, Lynette Randolph, Kelly Brooks, Jill Smoot, Susie Mazzei, Tammy Hoffman, Kelly Webert, Kymn Shepard, Veronica Klaus and Vickie Creech for attending the meeting on Tuesday and giving valuable feedback.

New Website!

This week began our prescription of a new website. We are working on the switch now. The new site (as most sites we found) is not Google Single Sign In compatible yet. They hope to be in the next two months. Because of that, you will not have a link to sign into the internal website at this time. Instead, Andrea will email out a link to the staff site here in the near future. Once the company has the Google Single Sign In working, we will then move to the system you have presently.

Thank you to the committee who worked hard in finding a new website. The view to the public as well as the ability to adapt to various devices seamlessly are both upgrades over our previous site.

Feeling Holiday Stress?

Here is a video showing how experts suggest you handle stress...good stuff! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6402QJp52M

No Articles This Week

...but...Check out this course designed by the Alexandria City Public Schools in Virginia using the Understanding by Design framework: http://www.acps.k12.va.us/curriculum/design/sample-algebra-course.pdf

Trivia Answers

  1. What is the youngest age it is possible to marry in New Zealand (with parental consent)? 16
  2. In Game of Thrones, how many dragons does Daenerys Targaryen have? 3
  3. What nationality is singer Enya? Irish
  4. Which planet is 4th from the sun? Mars
  5. In which year was Minecraft first released to the public? 2009
  6. How many siblings were there in the Jackson family? 9