Circulatory System

By Mason

Information about Structure and Function of the Circulatory System...

  • The function is to carry materials threw out the human body.
  • The main organs are heart, blood and blood vessels.
  • Capillaries are the smallest body blood vessel they transfer oxygen and other nutrients around the body.

Some Vocabulary...

  • Heart: a organ that pumps blood through out the body.
  • Arteries: a blood vessele that conveys blood form the heart to the body.
  • Capillaries: a blood vessel between the termination and veins.

Some Pictures

Information about Blood...

  • The function of blood is to supply nutrients to cells such as glucose.
  • The Rh factor is an antigen occurring on Red Blood Cells.
  • Blood disorders affect any of the three main components of blood Anemia is a blood disease some symptoms are shortness of breath and quickly fatiguing.

More Vocabulary...

  • Red Blood Cells: Carry oxygen to the cells and tissue.
  • Fatigue: When your muscles work to much.
  • Glucose: What broken down food becomes.
  • Anemia: A blood disease that causes shortness of breath and muscle fatigue.